Sex Slave Bound, Wrapped, and Ready to be Fucked


Simple is often the best method of making sure that a woman knows that she is the object of her man’s pleasure. They don’t need the most intense bondage, they don’t need humiliation, sensory deprivation or intense punishments and training for them to understand their place. A bit of rope, a gag, a blindfold, and being pushed around and controlled like an object all can emphasize that a slave’s place is at her master’s feet.


This couple has the technique down rather well. The wife is just an object, and when he wants to tie her up because it pleases him, she knows better than to object. She is there to spend time in his bondage, she is there to be his art, and his object of control, and she is there simply because he wishes it. This little slave is his, and her entire purpose is fulfilled with the ropes around her wrists, ankles, and the gag and blindfold around her head. When he is happy to have her as his bound work of art, she is happy, and then the slave has done everything she needs to do as his object, and his possession.


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