Slave Girl in Stocks

slave in stocks

Why would you ever tie someone up, place them in extreme bondage, if you weren’t planning on doing something nastier to them later, right? I mean, bondage is just the first step, isn’t it? Ahh, but bondage can be the point, as well as the process of a scene, because some types of bondage will test the submissive more than any kind of whipping, beating or torture. Of course, most of the time you have to find those special girls, the amateurs and the very experienced painsluts that will do the extreme bondage, because they know what they’re going to suffer through.

This particular bondage slut looks positively eager when she first starts getting rope wrapped around her body. When the stocks come in though, she definitely loses some of that eager nature. Then as she gets more rope, and more restraint, and the muscles start getting sore, and they want to move, but can’t, she just starts whimpering. He doesn’t want to watch or hear that though, so then comes the blindfold and the gag. You might think he’s just bending her over so he can torture her ass or pussy, but the position is just enough, especially as those muscles start screaming from being in one position for oh-so-long.

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