Complete and Total Extreme Dominance

extreme dominance

If you want to see a girl shrieking, begging, pleading and wanting more, you might see it in some of those professional sites, but don’t think they are the only ones out there who suffer for their masters. There are many amateurs out there that take punishments and intense training and you will see them with such a purity and intensity that they will have you begging to see them take even more.

This hot little Asian submissive slut starts out oh so easy, with just a little rope around her wrists, cups on her nipples, and wax on her legs, but she soon is at the mercy of her master for everything she has, even breathing. This is hardcore control at it’s finest, as she ends up breathing just for him as he binds her in tighter, more intense positions, all while she loses her ability even to control which breath is hers and which ones he allows her to take.

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Fun in Bondage

fun in bondage

Bondage doesn’t have to be a complex thing, especially when you have a hot little bondage slut who gets soaking wet when you even think about restraining them. You don’t need to have hundreds of feet of rope, or some complex frame to get them off and get them begging for more. Grab whatever is handy, get them bound and begging, because the pros may know how to do some impressive ties, but for most they just want to be helpless for their Sir. They want to beg, squirm, and show off how much they want to get off. You can see it in the amateurs most of all, because they are much too honest to put on a show if they don’t mean it, and they are the ones that are going to soak your covers through just for the chance to feel your restraints.

This particular amateur bondage slut must have quite the nice Sir. He obviously knows that less is more. A belt, a handkerchief, are all she really needs before she is ready to go. Those panties have to go though, and the tanlines are the perfect accent. She is such a lucky bondage slut, and she knows it, so when he orders her to show off her pretty little pussy and ass, she doesn’t even hesitate for a moment. She is kind of a naughty slave though, she’s not nice and shaven for him, but the way she gets soaking and you can just see she wants the attention of her generous Sir. Of course, he’s going to accommodate her, he can’t have her just laying there begging. She doesn’t get to look at him yet though when he finally feeds her his cock. This amateur couple knows exactly what fun in bondage means, and it sometimes means that the more simple the bondage is, the faster the two of them can get to other fun.

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Slave Olga Performs for her Master

Slave Olga

Some girls may not be born to be sex slaves, but as they grow up they crave it. They find a guy who will tie them down, fuck them, flog them, whip them, and do every nasty, depraved thing they can think of, and these painsluts will whimper, cry, and then beg for more. Tie them in the living room, they giggle. Flog them in a chair, they get wet. Fuck them in the most restrained, humiliating positions you can and they cum gushes. When these girls find the master that can keep their painsluts moaining, in pain, and begging, they are in heaven.

Olga Cabeva is definitely one of the better-trained little service sluts out there. Her master Mr. Taylor knows how he to abuse her and stuff her and just get her coming back for more. They had to take some time and show off one of their typical nights at home, all centered around their favorite bed. Mr. Taylor loves the rope, especially as it exposes her tight pussy and ass, which he makes good use of with cock and anal hook before he ties her bent over the chair so he can flog her ass and then stuff her mouth full of cock. She just whimpers and begs for more with every new torment, until she finally is a good slut and takes his load.

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More Duct Tape Bondage

duct tape bondage

Sometimes when you find yourself short of toys, you just have to make do with whatever you can find around you. Soon you’ll find that improvised toys are the best toys, because your little submissive slut or painslut won’t have any idea what is around them that will cause their pain, humiliation and suffering next. It could be anything at all of course, since you don’t need an extensive toybag when you want to make a girl whimper, beg and plead for your attention, or your mercy.

If all else fails of course, you might as well just go with the handyman’s secret weapon, duct tape. In this scene with this submissive amateur slut she gets quite a personal introduction to the sticky stuff as she gets bound up into a tight little ball with the silver stuff. If a couple rolls of duct-tape can prevent a car from moving, she certainly isn’t, especially when he wraps up her head over a layer of wrap, since he so kindly wants to let her keep her hair. You know how most think that there’s no such thing as too much pleasure? This little submissive slut finds out differently as she gets to lay there with the vibe against her clit pushing her through orgasm after orgasm without any chance of escape.

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Bondage with Duct Tape

duct tape bondage

With so many of our submissive sluts, it’s not just about the pain, the suffering, and the torment, it’s about the loss of control. They get wet when someone takes away their choices, demands they submit, suck their cock, or take their beating without complaint and knowing they will come back again for more afterwards. These girls just adore it when you drag them away to somewhere when they have no clue what’s going to happen to them, they know you’re going to do whatever you want to them, and they practically cream their jeans at the thought.

When you see one of the ‘big name’ sites dragging some girl off into a dungeon where they get whipped and fucked, you know that every moment of that scene is planned from beginning to end. For this little amateur sub, she didn’t know what was in store for her when the duct tape went across her mouth so she couldn’t whine or complain when her master decided to toss her in the car and drag her off somewhere for some private fun. You can see it in her face though, if her master stripped or cut her out of those jeans, you can bet that she’d probably have a wet-spot covering her panties from her soaking wet submissive pussy.

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Amateur Bondage – Pussy Presentation

pussy presentation in bondage

Good little submissive sluts suffer for their masters, because their masters want it. They will take anything their master gives them, good or bad, because they know it makes their master hard, it turns them on, and they love seeing their little submissive painsluts writhing around in front of them. It doesn’t all have to be about whipping, flogging, and spanking though, some of the most intense suffering is just a matter of the right positioning, and a few toys.

This hot little submissive slut definitely enjoys the suffering she goes through. When the clips go on her nipples and pussy lips, she cries out in pain at first, but soon squirms and moans as she understands what her master is doing. Once she’s used to it though, he switches her around into some lovely intense positional bondage with her ass up and her pussy exposed, wet and ready for the next set of toys he chooses to torment her with.

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