Complete and Total Extreme Dominance

extreme dominance

If you want to see a girl shrieking, begging, pleading and wanting more, you might see it in some of those professional sites, but don’t think they are the only ones out there who suffer for their masters. There are many amateurs out there that take punishments and intense training and you will see them with such a purity and intensity that they will have you begging to see them take even more.

This hot little Asian submissive slut starts out oh so easy, with just a little rope around her wrists, cups on her nipples, and wax on her legs, but she soon is at the mercy of her master for everything she has, even breathing. This is hardcore control at it’s finest, as she ends up breathing just for him as he binds her in tighter, more intense positions, all while she loses her ability even to control which breath is hers and which ones he allows her to take.

Watch him take total control HERE

Fun in Bondage

fun in bondage

Bondage doesn’t have to be a complex thing, especially when you have a hot little bondage slut who gets soaking wet when you even think about restraining them. You don’t need to have hundreds of feet of rope, or some complex frame to get them off and get them begging for more. Grab whatever is handy, get them bound and begging, because the pros may know how to do some impressive ties, but for most they just want to be helpless for their Sir. They want to beg, squirm, and show off how much they want to get off. You can see it in the amateurs most of all, because they are much too honest to put on a show if they don’t mean it, and they are the ones that are going to soak your covers through just for the chance to feel your restraints.

This particular amateur bondage slut must have quite the nice Sir. He obviously knows that less is more. A belt, a handkerchief, are all she really needs before she is ready to go. Those panties have to go though, and the tanlines are the perfect accent. She is such a lucky bondage slut, and she knows it, so when he orders her to show off her pretty little pussy and ass, she doesn’t even hesitate for a moment. She is kind of a naughty slave though, she’s not nice and shaven for him, but the way she gets soaking and you can just see she wants the attention of her generous Sir. Of course, he’s going to accommodate her, he can’t have her just laying there begging. She doesn’t get to look at him yet though when he finally feeds her his cock. This amateur couple knows exactly what fun in bondage means, and it sometimes means that the more simple the bondage is, the faster the two of them can get to other fun.

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Slave Olga Performs for her Master

Slave Olga

Some girls may not be born to be sex slaves, but as they grow up they crave it. They find a guy who will tie them down, fuck them, flog them, whip them, and do every nasty, depraved thing they can think of, and these painsluts will whimper, cry, and then beg for more. Tie them in the living room, they giggle. Flog them in a chair, they get wet. Fuck them in the most restrained, humiliating positions you can and they cum gushes. When these girls find the master that can keep their painsluts moaining, in pain, and begging, they are in heaven.

Olga Cabeva is definitely one of the better-trained little service sluts out there. Her master Mr. Taylor knows how he to abuse her and stuff her and just get her coming back for more. They had to take some time and show off one of their typical nights at home, all centered around their favorite bed. Mr. Taylor loves the rope, especially as it exposes her tight pussy and ass, which he makes good use of with cock and anal hook before he ties her bent over the chair so he can flog her ass and then stuff her mouth full of cock. She just whimpers and begs for more with every new torment, until she finally is a good slut and takes his load.

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More Duct Tape Bondage

duct tape bondage

Sometimes when you find yourself short of toys, you just have to make do with whatever you can find around you. Soon you’ll find that improvised toys are the best toys, because your little submissive slut or painslut won’t have any idea what is around them that will cause their pain, humiliation and suffering next. It could be anything at all of course, since you don’t need an extensive toybag when you want to make a girl whimper, beg and plead for your attention, or your mercy.

If all else fails of course, you might as well just go with the handyman’s secret weapon, duct tape. In this scene with this submissive amateur slut she gets quite a personal introduction to the sticky stuff as she gets bound up into a tight little ball with the silver stuff. If a couple rolls of duct-tape can prevent a car from moving, she certainly isn’t, especially when he wraps up her head over a layer of wrap, since he so kindly wants to let her keep her hair. You know how most think that there’s no such thing as too much pleasure? This little submissive slut finds out differently as she gets to lay there with the vibe against her clit pushing her through orgasm after orgasm without any chance of escape.

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Bondage with Duct Tape

duct tape bondage

With so many of our submissive sluts, it’s not just about the pain, the suffering, and the torment, it’s about the loss of control. They get wet when someone takes away their choices, demands they submit, suck their cock, or take their beating without complaint and knowing they will come back again for more afterwards. These girls just adore it when you drag them away to somewhere when they have no clue what’s going to happen to them, they know you’re going to do whatever you want to them, and they practically cream their jeans at the thought.

When you see one of the ‘big name’ sites dragging some girl off into a dungeon where they get whipped and fucked, you know that every moment of that scene is planned from beginning to end. For this little amateur sub, she didn’t know what was in store for her when the duct tape went across her mouth so she couldn’t whine or complain when her master decided to toss her in the car and drag her off somewhere for some private fun. You can see it in her face though, if her master stripped or cut her out of those jeans, you can bet that she’d probably have a wet-spot covering her panties from her soaking wet submissive pussy.

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Amateur Bondage – Pussy Presentation

pussy presentation in bondage

Good little submissive sluts suffer for their masters, because their masters want it. They will take anything their master gives them, good or bad, because they know it makes their master hard, it turns them on, and they love seeing their little submissive painsluts writhing around in front of them. It doesn’t all have to be about whipping, flogging, and spanking though, some of the most intense suffering is just a matter of the right positioning, and a few toys.

This hot little submissive slut definitely enjoys the suffering she goes through. When the clips go on her nipples and pussy lips, she cries out in pain at first, but soon squirms and moans as she understands what her master is doing. Once she’s used to it though, he switches her around into some lovely intense positional bondage with her ass up and her pussy exposed, wet and ready for the next set of toys he chooses to torment her with.

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Simone training to be domestic slave

domestic slave

So many of our submissive sluts come to us later in life, because they’ve been the responsible ones, the ones in charge for most of their lives, and they’re done with it. They want to be broken and trained as our submissive sluts, and we are more than happy to provide that service, especially when we find a hot MILF that is just oh-so-eager to act as a slave. Of course, they get their first taste of submission in our dungeons, since we need to give them the chance to back out before we bring them up into the main space for the much harder training as a domestic slave.

Simone here lasted through the punishments, the torments, and the teasing in the dungeon well enough, but that’s just taking everything in, she didn’t have to be an active participant. She’s in for much more of a shock when she gets to domestic servitude. We teach her the proper behaviors, the use of Honorifics always, that she doesn’t get to look at us unless we let her, and her other service behaviors. We make sure she knows just how much work, pain and suffering she’s in for, and dare her to break, especially when we fuck her with our biggest toys. It’s only the first day, so we dare her to quit, but she makes it through!

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Slave Girl in Stocks

slave in stocks

Why would you ever tie someone up, place them in extreme bondage, if you weren’t planning on doing something nastier to them later, right? I mean, bondage is just the first step, isn’t it? Ahh, but bondage can be the point, as well as the process of a scene, because some types of bondage will test the submissive more than any kind of whipping, beating or torture. Of course, most of the time you have to find those special girls, the amateurs and the very experienced painsluts that will do the extreme bondage, because they know what they’re going to suffer through.

This particular bondage slut looks positively eager when she first starts getting rope wrapped around her body. When the stocks come in though, she definitely loses some of that eager nature. Then as she gets more rope, and more restraint, and the muscles start getting sore, and they want to move, but can’t, she just starts whimpering. He doesn’t want to watch or hear that though, so then comes the blindfold and the gag. You might think he’s just bending her over so he can torture her ass or pussy, but the position is just enough, especially as those muscles start screaming from being in one position for oh-so-long.

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Amateur Bondage with Gagging

amatuer bondage

It doesn’t take some special rig, or special rope, or any kinds of special toys when you want to torment a particularly sensitive little submissive slut. All it takes is a bit of patience, and a little skill, and you can have them whining, begging and pleading for your attentions. It’s always better when that is a nice, amateur girl too, because you know the pleading and begging is for real, and you can enjoy the tears of frustration and helplessness, and you can tell it’s not just for show.

Simple bondage is often the best way to a submissive’s heart, as this larger, amateur submissive bottom shows us. It doesn’t take much, a little simple rope, binding their arms and legs together, stressing them into a tight, strict, hogtie before their joints and muscles start screaming, and they start begging for relief. Of course, this particular sadist top has nothing of the sort in mind, and instead uses a spreader gag so all she can do is pant, whine, and has the frustration of not being able to control as she drools all over herself. Then he does the best thing he can, he leaves her, so she can ‘enjoy’ the wonderful pain and humiliation as it builds in her.

See her entire training session. CLICK HERE

Another amateur submissive proudly displayed

wide displayed

When you have a nice little bondage slut at your disposal, it almost seems like a shame when you can’t take full advantage of them. You might think that you need to spend hundreds, if not thousands on the type of gear a ‘professional’ dungeon has. Really, just a few pieces of furniture, and a little contortion and you will find all sorts of useful things you can do to a bondage slut that will have them whimpering, and begging you for just a little relief. Of course, it’s up to you to decide if they get it.

This particularly cute, trim little bondage slut is quite the lucky one, because her master has a bit of furniture with some nice hard-points to lock her in and expose her cute little pussy and ass when he wants it. He does love to show the old adage that ‘everything is insertable’ as well, as you can see that hard steel flogger handle slide right into her tight ass. You might think that being so exposed and spread over is rough, but we can bet she begged for every minute of it, and he probably had a soaking wet little bondage slut by the time he was done with her.

See how much more he shows off HERE

Master proudly displays his slave wife

slave wife

The hottest submissive sluts aren’t found in the halls of the biggest dungeons, or under the whips of the ‘famous’ players in the scene. Oh no, the hottest sluts are the ones you find tucked away, that worship just a single master, and give everything they have in their everyday lives. These women have a normal life during the day, but when they get home, they give up their bodies and minds to someone because they just want to do anything to please them. These amateur slaves and submissive sluts show so much heat that you’ll soon wish you had your own.

This hot little slut may be one of the best examples of a sweet, mature submissive girl. She knows her place, and she knows that no matter what torment her master invents or subjects her to, she will take it with a moan, and a smile, because it’s what she deserves. She shows off her body, fucks herself with all sorts of toys, and takes every bit of suffering and humiliation, because she knows that it is all she wants, and is all she is worth as his submissive girl. He does reward her of course, and when she does cum from his attentions, she knows she has earned every moment of sweet pleasure.

He displays her in a dozen ways. CLICK HERE to see the rest.

Amateur Submissive Sluts

amateur submissive sluts

It doesn’t take a big, fully equipped dungeon when you want to torment a submissive slut and have them begging for you to stop tormenting them. It’s easy to find all sorts of things right around you that will provide just the right kinds of…stimulation that will have your subby girl either crying out in pain, or in ecstasy. It actually is even better when the amateurs get creative, because they have to find whatever works all around them.

Here we can find all sorts of lovely submissive sluts taking part in whatever torments their tops can come up. Some of them might even give you ideas, yes? After all, these amateur sluts are just so much more enthusiastic with their reactions. Whether they get to act as a living table, or they have their nipples clamped to a cross bar while they have to grind their pussy against a hard steel pole you just know that they are getting quite the attention from their dominant halves. Of course, when all else fails, nothing gets to a shy little slut like getting tied spread-eagled to a bed, so they have every inch of their bodies exposed and open.

Watch your favorite HERE

Hogtied Brunette on Bed

hogtied brunette

You don’t really need expensive ropes, or a big dungeon, or some massive rigging setup before you can bind a little slut up and get her begging for more, or begging for your attentions. Get some cotton drying line, and some wrap and you have all you need, if you know what you want from your little bondage slut. It usually only takes a bare minimum before most bondage submissives are lost to the world, and you have one that will beg you for any opportunity in the rope.

You always work with what you have available, as this little bondage slut found out when she ended up trussed up and tossed across a bed. No, you don’t need a frame, or a rig, just a top with a nice twisted idea of what he wants to do to you, and some basic resources. She must have whimpered so sweetly, because you can see that he hauled her all over the room getting her to experience the simplest bondage, in the most meaningful way possible.

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Bottom Endures Pain

bottom loves pain

There are always ‘breaks’ when you are playing, either you need to go to get new toys, or you are doing something that takes quite a bit of your attention, but there are times when you aren’t spending every moment making your bottom suffer. That’s why having multiple tops at your disposal is quite the benefit for many scenes. When you have a particularly sweet little painslut you enjoy torturing, if you are going back to your bag for the clothespins, your partner can make sure that your bottom is getting the proper level of…stimulation.

This particularly lucky little bottom is quite the lucky one, because she has not just one, but three vicious tops ready to keep her skin red and her body writhing in pain. With her body stretched out, her sexy body, with her perky sensitive tits, and her shaved pussy are always on display and ready for slaps, pinches and swats with their toys. With the two women assisting it leaves him free to make sure the ropes are where he wants them so he can expose her most thoroughly to their vicious attentions. Of course, our poor, suffering little painslut might wish that he was the one paying her the most attention; because those women treat her much more viciously then he might ever do himself.

Witness her pain tolerance on video for yourself HERE

Mya endures her punishment

slave punished

Sometimes a dom needs to take a few moments to reinforce why their sub shouldn’t behave badly. We don’t punish out of spite, after all, we do it to reinforce a lesson, and to make sure that our submissives act properly, and don’t put themselves in dangerous situations. We also have to make sure that our punishments are memorable, so that when they do misbehave, they remember why we have our rules, and they won’t repeat those behaviors.

When Mya comes back from going out one night inebriated, and likely at risk from some of the things she did over the evening, her dom has to step in and teach her what a bad girl she is. Of course, he waits until she sobers up enough for the punishment to make a proper impression, before he starts in with the lesson. It takes a great many implements on Mya’s bare ass, his hands, his paddles, straps, even a ruler and tawse. Mya’s is quite the sturdy girl, but even she ends up pleading that she will not soon forget the lesson.

Watch this hot punishment video of Mya


Dirty Dungeon Slave

dirty dungeon slave

We love the curvy little bdsm sluts, because they give us more to work with, and they usually can take so much more then the stick thin little submissives that you think you will break with the first whack with a paddle or a cane. They may not show lots of big girls in the so called professional circuit, but there are hot big girls out there just begging to get tied up, punished, discipline and broken, and then they’ll just come back and ask for more. It is quite a pleasure to get them in front of the camera as well.

This particular big girl knows just how to strut her stuff. She knows she’s sexy sweet, and once some rope gets around her body, she’ll look oh so much sweeter. She is a reactive little bondage slut too, as soon as the rope goes around her body she becomes a compliant little submissive, and her top doesn’t need to do much to get her fading in and out of her head. Of course, that’s almost as hot as when she gets dropped on the hard concrete surface and her hot tits and body gets covered in the dirt and grime as she gets pushed into the ground for being a good submissive.

Watch her ordeal in this underground hell hole. CLICK HERE NOW

Pussy Punishment

pussy stretching

You think it takes a professional to come up with harsh, intense, practically insane bdsm sessions, don’t you. I mean, you need all that gear, and all those props, and a dungeon to really let loose, right? It’s impossible to compare with all those pictures, and the rigging setups. Well, you would be wrong, for all the intense play the professionals go through, it’s the people who play every day, and who know each other, and know how to push limits in their own homes that really find the ways to make their bottoms scream and moan and cry. When you see these hot amateurs pushing the limits, you’ll wonder how you missed these intense players.

This amateur doesn’t just get opened up, she gets stretched, exposed an opened wide as her master decides to engage in a little pussy torture. Clamps keep her nice and spread open for him as he gets her nice and wet by stroking her needy, puffed up little clit before he brings out the more intense toys. You’d be surprised how intense something like just a fork, or a Wartenberg wheel can bee when you’re running it over a turned on pussy soaking wet, especially when she’s begging for cum. It takes a little bit in this close up shot, but you soon see the extent of this torture, because she is in quite the predicament, her clamps are tied to her hiked up legs, and if she were to relax them, no doubt those clamps would yank free of her pussy. Quite the predicament for her, don’t you think? She can either lay back and let her legs cramp up and get more and more sore, or relax her legs, and suffer through the pain of all those clamps coming springing off the folds of her inflamed cunt.

Her Master made a video of her suffering. Watch it HERE

Outside Bound to a Tree

bound to a tree

I love when a friend calls me in for something they want to do with one of their little painsluts, and the girl isn’t expecting it. They never know what I am going to do with them, and most of the time the shock of the surprise is almost as affecting as the whipping of their young bodies. If they are very lucky, I might even let them go when I’m done, but most of the time, that’s up to their master to collect their whimpering bodies later.

This time we had quite the ambush planned for this unsuspecting little bottom girl. The look on her face was priceless when we appeared out of the forest and grabbed her. She knew my friend, but she had no idea who I was when I ripped her clothes off and slammed her to the tree. The rough wood against her pussy was only the start though, you should have seen her scream and buck when the first blows of my favorite whips landed across her ass. The two of us gave her a nice, hard whipping and made sure she got some nice welts all over before we continued the game and took off. She got to stay there, tied to a log, helpless and naked while anyone could come by, until her master came and got her.

See her entire painful humiliation HERE

Chained Slaves

chained slaves

When my girls become members of my household, they know that I do expect them to provide appropriate services whenever I host my friends for my parties. They know that I trust anyone I invite for my home, so my little painsluts readily agree to such a minor little imposition. It does mean that I always have some extra entertainment around for my guests, and I make sure that every single one of them has a good time when I have my parties.

This particular bash was one of my more extensive, so of course I had to make sure I had a well stocked bar with good drinks, and some of my choicest slaves available for my guests amusements. The VIP lounge always ends up full, especially when the whips come out and we see the red welts show up on my painslut service girls. Poor poor girls, getting whipped over and over for my guests’ amusements, but at least they have other girls there able to provide ‘comfort’ when their skin gets striped red.

Watch them whipped and dominated HERE

Submissive gets pierced and waxed

waxed submissive

Before Brazilians were all the rage, wax definitely had other uses, especially when you had a nasty, naughty and wicked little bondage and painslut under your control. It’s still a favorite tool to make subby girls squirm and beg for mercy, as droplet after droplet falls and sears their body, which is only slightly less hot then the wax itself.

This particular bondage slut is getting a nice full dose of pussy torture, as she gets opened wide so the first drops of wax can get her nice and sensitive, before her top clamps her pussy lips and sends a few jolts through her cunt. She is a naughty, nasty little sub slut though, so he ends up giving her that waxed look the old fashioned way, by dousing her pussy in the wax to create a shell, and then pulling it out, just to hear her squeals.

See her pierced and waxed. CLICK HERE

Submissive on all fours

spread submissive

Sometimes when you have a submissive little bitch at your disposal, you don’t need all the restraints, and all the pain in order to get them to behave. Some of them just require a certain amount of…training. A little bit of time in the cuffs, blindfolds and with various commands have them begging for their master’s word and touch as much as any blow with a flogger, or whip. Such little sluts are so much fun, because it barely takes anything before they are on their knees, ass up, just waiting for their master’s touch.

This particular submissive slut is all ready well trained. She knows exactly what to do once the cuffs and the blindfold goes on. She is immediately at her master’s command, even when he plans on humiliating her by exposing her hot little pussy to the entire internet. It looks like the idea even turned her own, because when he commands her to play with herself she is all ready swollen and soaking. She is such a good little girl he even lets her cum once before e finally gets to what he wants, and works the plug deep into her tight little ass. He must be a nice master though, if he is training her so nicely, without making use of her pretty and practically begging pussy.

Amateur Sex Slave

amateur sex slave

Once you have your little slave trained the way you want her, you will only have the satisfaction that only comes with the knowledge that your little submissive slut is there for you and you alone. If you want them to choke on your cock, or expose their ass or pussy for you or anyone you want really, they will bow to your every wish and need. It takes quite a bit of training to get a girl submitting like that, but it is so worth the effort.

This hot little submissive slut has gone through all of her training, and she has no shame in front of her master for anything he wants. All of her holes are his for fucking, sucking and following his every wish and command. Is it any wonder that he wants to show off all the work he’s put into his training. With a sweet, succulent submissive like this though, it certainly is worth the work.

See more of her HERE

True Domination

true domination

The “professionals” seem to get all the attention. They get bottoms lining up for their chance to experience a session with a “true” dominant or top; they think that they can only get the real BDSM experience from the ones that have been in front of the camera. It doesn’t take professional experience to punish a submissive little slut, it just takes a little skill, and someone that loves to see a helpless little bottom twisting and turning under their particular brand of attention. You’ll see much more inventive torments when you see two hot amateurs going at it with few facilities then you will see in any professional dungeon.

This hapless little slut girl is in for quite the treat, because her master has a few particular ideas on ways he can increase her torment. He starts with a bit of rope, because rope is always good, but makes sure he has an extra point where he can tie by putting a rig right next to her pussy. As if the rope sawing across here soaking little cunt wasn’t enough he stretches her out so he can tie that ring to other hardpoints. It is only the start of her torture though, especially when he stretches her up and exposes her so he can start lashing her ass and pussy with his wicked little flogger, giving this amateur painslut quite the treat of pain.

Watch her be dominated on video HERE

Slave Girl is Serving Girl

slave girl serving

Training is oh-so important for a slave. You want to make sure that they are able to provide all the forms of service you desire from any circumstance or position. They have no excuse for being unable to perform, even when you beat them, tie them or make them suck you and service you in ways that are more traditional. It is up to the dom to provide that training though, after all, if you don’t make sure they know how you want your service, you don’t really have any excuse for getting it done poorly. Luckily, you can learn just how to get your slave slut trained up properly so many different places.

This particular little slut is new to her training, and she is just going through her paces. She is adequate in boot licking and worship, as she demonstrates, even as he gives her a smack on the ass to make sure she doesn’t get distracted. Food service is another matter, she may have the basics down, but just a little stress on spread legs and her cute little tits and she just falls apart. Of course, then it becomes time for correction, and he applies it with bamboo and clothespins, making sure that she understands exactly what she did wrong, and making her cry and suffer as appropriate.

Watch her training and punishment HERE

Submissive Wife Craves Master’s Approval

bound wife

Staged BDSM scenes give you some good ideas. They might give you a way to discover new toys, new ways of torturing and tormenting your little submissive slut, and they are certainly hot. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have amateurs doing things just as hot, without all the tools, and without all the props. All you really need for a hot scene is a bondage slut willing to expose herself, show everything, and give everything to their top, especially when it means they end up exposed and reveals what a slut they really are.

This hot little amateur slut is her masters’ from toes to top, including tits and cunt and every inch in between. He loves exposing her and humiliating her, though she definitely has nothing to get ashamed of with her hot little trim body. It doesn’t take much either before she’s dripping and begging to suck her master’s cock, just a little blindfolding with a kerchief, and her hands tied behind her back. He is of course, willing to indulge his bottom this time, since this expert cocksucker goes to new lengths when he finally releases her from her strict bondage. By the time she wraps her lips around his cock, you can see just how much she craves her masters’ approval.

See more of this sexy slave HERE

Suspended and Hot Wax

suspended and hot wax

Why do you think it’s only the professionals that have to put together harsh torments, and inventive ways of punishing their slaves and painsluts? More amateurs out there have done more extreme forms of torture and bondage then anything they have done in those ‘professional’ videos you see out there. Some of these masters know their little painsluts so well that they can have them whining, crying and begging in instants as they push their fucktoys to the extremes that they know they can go in bondage and pain.

You think you’ve seen nasty suspensions, well this slut gets to experience one that she’ll remember for a long time as she has her feet bound up, her hands bound to her waist and then she’s flipped up inverted with her shaved pussy on display. As if the inversion and humiliation wasn’t enough, he has a couple of nice little candles all warmed up and ready for her, so he can coat her ass, thighs and cunt in painful splatters of red. It’s quite convenient for him actually, because whenever he needs to find a place to hold onto those candles while he does something else, he’s got the perfect candle holders in her tight pussy and ass.

Watch the video of her candle fuck HERE

Breast Bondage and Nipple Clips

breast bondage

It doesn’t take hundreds of dollars worth of toys, and a bag so heavy you can barely carry it in order to take a little painslut and get them begging and crying for relief. Sometimes the simplest items can be the most effective in making a girl scream with pain and torment. So many tops forget that quite often, simple is better, they need the reminder that it’s all about the top, not the toys. Luckily, some don’t forget this little truism, and so they always can keep their slaves on their toes, because they don’t know what will come out to torment them.

This big titted blonde painslut thought she was lucky because her dom left most of his toys behind when he decided that she a was acting naughty, and stripped her down to torment her for his pleasure. Her relief didn’t last when he started snapping simple rubber bands around her tits and slapping them around so her nipples stood up and her body ached. Only then did he bring out the clothespins so he could twist her nipples around and get them nice and ready for the few toys he did bring. It was a simple reminder that she always is his to torment, even when all he has is his hands to do it.

See her video HERE

Dungeon Bondage

I love when I get a new piece of equipment, whether it’s a converted piece, or something completely new, it presents me with all sorts of new opportunities to put my painsluts through their paces. They always seem to underestimate what I can do with any given piece of equipment, and are under the false pretense that I can’t come up with the worst torments and punishments they can imagine. It’s so good when I prove them wrong, and they end up trembling as they think of what I will do next.

This lovely piece of hardware came from my friend, whom apparently needed it and used it as some kind of gym equipment of some kind. As soon as I saw it though I knew that I could put it to much better use. Isabelle got to be my guinea pig this time, and I could hear the whimpering grow even as I spread her legs and tied her down so her shaved little pussy was at my disposal. I must say this is a well made piece of machinery, it was easy to expose her breasts, her ass, her little cunt, no matter what way I wanted her. I suspect she was most appreciative as well, at least from what I could tell from the moans through her ball gag.

See her bound and whipped HERE

Nipple Pinching

nipple pinching

It’s so cute when a bottom thinks they are prepared for the various torments their master can dish out. Some of them get so settled and arrogant that they think they have learned every trick of the trade, and they can withstand anything their master can dish out. They sometimes need the reminders that no matter what they think they can endure, a good master will always find new ways that they will pay for their misbehavior and their arrogance.

This slave might be beautiful, but she does have the fatal flaw that she thinks she is too experienced for most tops. Luckily one of our favorite tops was more than willing to prove how wrong she is. He is the master of small effort, most effect, and he adores playing with electrical, and clamps, and all the small things that most bottoms think could never cause any severe levels of pain. She can’t escape as he nails her with the shock prod, and the electrified Wattenberg wheels, making her feel like he cut her from her cute shaved pussy all the way to her throat. When he brought out the surgical clamps and the rat traps she begged him to stop, but he solved that begging problem by just stuffing her mouth with candles to shut her up.

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Crying Slave gets Tits Tortured

Many submissives get used to a certain time, place and style of punishment. They think they are safe whenever they are doing something non-kink related. They sometimes forget that these little submissive sluts are there for the pleasure of their dominant whenever, and wherever they wish. It doesn’t matter what project they may be doing, and in fact, most projects can be quite the learning experience for the submissive on the different creative ways their dominant will find to make them suffer.

This particular blonde haired slut thought she was safe as long as she was working on the construction for the spare room. After all, why would he prevent her from working? She missed that she was surrounded by all sorts of dangerous things that he could use to punish her little pussy and breasts. He was more than happy to educate her on her mistake though by making her strip right there. At first it seemed like he was just content to torture her with jokes, slapping and humiliation, but once he started grabbing things out of his tool belt she ended up breaking down in tears very quickly.

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Busty Slave in Underground Dungeon

underground dungeon

Some of my girls require longer-term punishments. It’s not just about a quick lashing, and then they are done, because some of those girls just don’t associate the whipping with the punishment. Those girls require something a little more intense, and often I have to isolate them so they can think about what they have done before I treat them to a bit of my more traditional punishments. When you make them associate the humiliation and the isolation with the whipping, they start to realize they’ve done something wrong.

This girl definitely required some…extra efforts to get her punishment across. It’s a good thing that I have a nice little cage where they can sit and stew in their own juices. Of course, when a female friend of mine came by I thought I was a good opportunity to show some of my more traditional punishments as well. This little pain-slut thought she was being forgiven when I pulled her out of the cage. Her expression was priceless when I tied her to the bench and brought out the whips. I demonstrated all of my techniques as I lashed her across her ass, back and pussy. I wanted to leave some good marks so she would remember them in the future. When I was done she thought she got some relief, right until I dropped her right back into the cage.

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Two Slave Girls

It’s a careful balancing act when a master has two little slutty pets under their care. They have to make sure that neither of their little submissive bitches gets out of order, gets upset, or fights with each other. They have to establish who is the alpha, and who is beta, and remind them constantly that they are both just there to make sure they serve their master well. If they can’t do that, they need to get punished severely, and routinely.

These two submissive sluts are still in their ‘establishing position’ phase. Their master still is making sure they know their places, and this brunette slut is quickly learning that she is the bottom of the totem pole, as she is led around like a little dog, and is flogged when she does not act quickly, or submissively enough. The blond pet doesn’t get away scott free though, because this is a master that knows that when one pet gets too uppity over the other, they need punishment too. A few well-placed blows with the flogger over her tits and pussy gets the point across, and then they can go back to properly training the new slave.

See the 2 slave video HERE

Amateur Bondage with Ropes and Leather

amateur bondage

If you look at all the ‘professional’ BDSM videos out there, you might think that you have to have hundreds of dollars of toys, and thousands of square feet of dungeon space to make your little submissive slut beg for mercy. Not true at all, because simplicity is often times the mark of someone who really knows what they are doing. You don’t need all the toys that will make a bottom scream, beg, and plead, all you need is a bit of thought.

Sometimes even the amateur tops will have you wondering how they manage so much with their slaves. They key is knowing your bottom, and knowing what you have available. There’s no reason you can’t meet a new bottom and have them begging with very little on hand, like this little girl a top met at a nice, private hotel room. All he needs to make her his is bit of rope, and bit of leather around the eyes for a blindfold. It is often the simplest ties that are the most effective, and once her wrists and legs are nice and bound, she truly is at her top’s mercy.

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Bound and Spanked

bound and spanked

Some submissive sluts require harsh, intense training before their masters shape them into the wanton, begging little cockhungry pets that they want. Others just naturally love the feeling of being commanded, controlled, and forced to strip, fuck and suck whenever the urge occurs to their master. They naturally have no limits, because they will do anything as long as the one they serve ends up pleased.

This hot, red-headed little slave has a lucky master indeed, because she has no limits on how he shows off her tight little body. She loves showing absolutely everyone what her masters has on a daily basis, and the only reward she wants is to know he is pleased. Considering how obviously she loves wrapping her lips around his cock, I would say he has to be insane not to be pleased with his submissive little bitch slave. He gets to show off her tight pussy and hot body whenever he wants, and I’m sure he makes many others jealous with his wanton, cock-hungry, well-trained slave.

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Blonde Receives Red Ass

red ass beating

Some models get so used to being treated like royalty that they get all of the attitude that goes with it. They turn into spoiled little brats when they are young, and they carry that with them even as they grow up. If they are the least bit cute they are even worse, because they usually get what they want, until they become almost unmanageable. Luckily, we know how to deal with little princesses like that, and how to give them a true attitude correction.

As soon as we started dealing with Summer, we knew that she was going to need a heavy dose of discipline and correction before it would be worth working with her. She spent all her time primping and preening, and then demanded every privilege, all of her money right away, and for us to treat her ‘as she deserved’. Well, we were more than happy to do that, as we showed her that clause that she signed, that let us enforce our rules however, we’d like. She tried to get out of it, and you should have heard her whining for the first few blows when we started spanking her. She got the clue quickly enough though, and tried not to react to the bare-handed spanking. Of course, that’s when we had to bring out the paddle and turn her ass black and blue, so she’d remember her lessons for next time.

Watch her beating video HERE

Slave Girl in Stocks

slave girl in stocks

Bondage and restriction is a fine art of pushing a submissive to their physical limits, making them stretch, suffer, and contort in ways they never thought they could tolerate. They want to do it to please their master, to prove they can do it, and because they crave the feeling of being restrained. It makes their minds go away, as they subsume all their thoughts into the feelings as they cut off from the world.

This particular bottom is going through almost a ritualistic restraint and cutoff from the world. She gets pushed more and more as she gets more restricted, and those restrictions become extreme. She is bound in rope first, and then shoved into the stocks to take things to more intense levels. Then the leg spreaders and chains go in place, and at each step you can watch her go away more and more. She gets pushed to her bondage extremes, overwhelming her with sensations especially as the rope ends up run against her pussy. You can see her mind shut down like a true bondage slut, though the last step is when the blinders and gags go on her, and she just goes away.

See her descent into subspace HERE

Whipped to Tears

whipped to tears

I love when a friend calls me in for something they want to do with one of their little painsluts, and the girl isn’t expecting it. They never know what I am going to do with them, and most of the time the shock of the surprise is almost as affecting as the whipping of their young bodies. If they are very lucky, I might even let them go when I’m done, but most of the time, that’s up to their master to collect their whimpering bodies later.

This time we had quite the ambush planned for this unsuspecting little bottom girl. The look on her face was priceless when we appeared out of the forest and grabbed her. She knew my friend, but she had no idea who I was when I ripped her clothes off and slammed her to the tree. The rough wood against her pussy was only the start though, you should have seen her scream and buck when the first blows of my favorite whips landed across her ass. The two of us gave her a nice, hard whipping and made sure she got some nice welts all over before we continued the game and took off. She got to stay there, tied to a log, helpless and naked while anyone could come by, until her master came and got her.

Watch her cry HERE

Amateur Submissive in Bondage

Some submissive women just don’t seem to get the lesson that when they get in trouble they just dig their own graves further when they try to talk their way out of trouble with their masters. They just keep going and going, making it worse as they come up with more reasons that they need to be punished, shut up and put in their place. Their masters know though, when they get to a certain point, they just need an object lesson on the values of ‘quiet’.

amateur submissive

This particular submissive slut finally found her master’s point of no return. He just didn’t want to hear one more word out of her complaining, whining little mouth, and so he stuffed it full. That was only the start though, because he decided that it was time to show her how helpless she can be whenever he wants her that way. A bit of rope and she has no way out, and he can do anything to her that he wants. She’s completely at his mercy, as he expects of her, and this time she can’t open her mouth to get herself in even more trouble.

Watch this slave bound

Bondage Slave

BDSM isn’t always the fantasy you see in books and in movies. You don’t always get happy little subby bottoms as they serve their masters gratefully, and take the beatings with good grace, and thank them later. It’s pain, and suffering and a bottom getting humiliated, beaten, and caned so that they cry and weep and plead. Don’t forget that it’s not all about the pleasure, though sometimes a sub needs reminding of that fact.

bound slave

When you see a video elsewhere, you might see professional subs and bottoms as they get beat, but there is nothing like seeing an amateur slut getting her ass caned while her master humiliates her. They don’t control their reactions, and they truly suffer in ways you will not believe. This particular subby bitch is forced on all fours and walked around like a dog on a tether while she gets caned, humiliated and spanked on her little ass. This is one submissive bitch that doesn’t forget that they are there for their master’s pleasure, and it doesn’t matter what they want in the least. If he wants her crying, begging, marked all over, and weeping from the pain, that is what she provides.

see her perform HERE

Slave Girl Nimue

It’s not enough for some horny little subbies that they have a master that punishes them, and controls them, and makes them scream in pain, pleasure and submission, they need to have as many people know about it as possible. They get off on the open humiliation, and the knowledge that anyone can stare at their slutty, horny, submissive asses and get off on their pain, and how much they get off being in public.

slave girl nimue

One of Nimue’s first shoots had to be pretty mild, as much as she loves the humiliation, she didn’t know how well she’d get along with her new dominant. He was more than ready to break her in though, because as soon as he grabbed her throat, he could tell how wet it made her. She did want to keep things at least a little bit under control though, since it was their first time together in public. He couldn’t keep his hands off her luscious tits though, and a nice set of clamps kept them at attention while he continued exploring her body. She may have been nervous to start with, but once he got a handful of hair and bent her over his bike, she melted.

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Bound Slave Girl

Some people fall into the trap that says you have to spend all sorts of money on gear, fetish wear, and toys in order to properly bind and punish a little submissive slut. That’s bullshit, you can do a lot more with cheap materials, but with a mastery of your slut’s body, with a little creativity you will make your slave writhe in torment and embarrassment, and they will soon learn how intense a good top can make things for them.

bound slave girl

This little girl thought she was off the hook, because her master’s toys weren’t available, so she got herself into a lot of trouble. It’s amazing though what a trip to the dollar store presents for options to punishing a slut. Clothespins will make any subby slut’s breasts stick out and will make them whimper in pain, as this girl quickly learns. A little tape and a bandana make sure that she has no idea what he’s going to do to her body next, but she quickly learns that even when he doesn’t have all his toys, he can always find ways to make her pay for her transgressions. She also learns an acute lesson about what someone can do to a naughty slut with five bucks and a little creativity.

How much pain can she take? CLICK HERE

Crucified and Whipped

Punishment isn’t always about the pain, and a beating a girl isn’t always about the punishment. We push them, and we push ourselves, because they will not understand their full limits and their potential without playing to those extremes. I do so enjoy getting my hands on a bottom that wants to push even harder and harder, because then things become very interesting indeed.

whipped and crucified

This time one of my very lovely domme friends had a little pain bitch that wanted to do something…unusual. It wasn’t about the punishment, but about the pain, and the extreme, and she knows that I am very happy to do ‘unusual’. I don’t think her little sub girl had any idea that I could rig her up and stretch out in an inversion while giving her domme plenty of room to go over every inch of her body with my favorite selection of whips. It wasn’t just the blood rushing to her head that sent her spacy when she ended up with welts up and down every inch of her body. I would say if unusual was her goal, we did that rather well, not that she even could think properly by the end.

Learn how she was disciplined HERE

In Bondage on all Fours and Caned

Some little painsluts just don’t learn their lessons when they first get instructed. They think that if they ignore their original lessons, but just act cute and sweet they can get away with anything. That’s a kind of thought process you have to nip in the bud, and break them of that habit quickly, and without question. They may think that it will be all fun and games even when they break the rules, but no, there are types of discipline that they have to understand will break them of their habits.

caned and bound

This little brunette bottom just couldn’t seem to learn that she is supposed to keep her mouth shut when there are other guests around. She just talks away, and even ignores her master’s cue when he instructs her to keep quiet. He does not correct her immediately, but luckily he also has a place where afterwards he takes her for severe punishment. She doesn’t get to hide any part of her body as he straps her down and exposes her ass and pussy to a heavy caning, until she has a nice coating of welts and marks all over her soft skin. That’s only the warmup though, she thinks she is done until he strings her up to a hardpoint and brings out his leather straps. I think she learns her lesson quickly enough when that leather strap lands across her stomach and pussy, but he keeps going until he is sure the lesson sinks in.

See this punishment video HERE

Leashed Slave Receives Violet Wand

violet wand on leashed slave

It always strikes me as amusing when you see what truly inventive sadists will come up with, when they find the old toys, and the old inventions that become the wicked new playthings for today. If they have a little painslut they need to punish, they will find ways to get a reaction, and they will find new kinds of torment that will drive their slaves crazy.

This little girl ends up chained and at the mercy of a particularly lucky sadist, as he has a vicious little violet wand at his disposal. For anyone with a fear of electricity, the violet wand is such a hot tool for torment, because it buzzes so nicely, and it zaps so fiercely. He torments her tits, her ass, her pussy with the electrical toy while she remains chained up and at his mercy, so she has no way to get away from the tormenting little zapper. It’s not just the pain that provokes the cries, but that sound, that crackle, and that anticipation from the little buzzing toy is more than enough to torment this subby girl, before he ever gets her down and really turns up the juice.

How much pain can she endure? Watch HERE

Submissive in Chest Harness Restraint

chest harness restraint

It doesn’t take a lot to punish a naughty, wicked little submissive slut. You only need a little bit of creativity, and a little bit of knowledge about what parts of your slut’s body are the most sensitive to… correction. It’s something that is different for every sub girl out there, but there’s nothing that says you can’t get some ideas from how other masters torment their pretty little slaves.

We especially like how this little girl ends up trussed, exposed, and punished by her Sir. The chest harness restraint is a nice little touch, and sets the stage for her humiliation and punishment, because it emphasizes and compresses her pretty little breasts. The little sluts’ cunt gets a nice treatment with the dowel between her legs as well, but as much as that might feel good to start, you can bet that when those legs start aching that dowel becomes no fun very quickly. This little submissive slut might have done something particularly bad to provoke this kind of positioning, or maybe her master had a whim. Either way, this little sub is likely going to regret it, as her pussy is rubbed raw by her master’s little ‘idea’ for her body.

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Submissive Made to Pose

submissive made to pose

Bondage isn’t all about rope, chains, and cuffs. Bondage is all about making your bottom hold themselves in the way their master wants, the ropes, and cuffs just make that easier. A creative master doesn’t need any of that to get their little slave to stay and behave, it just takes a command, or maybe a choice. They get the choice to follow their master’s wishes, or they have to deal with the consequences of their choice to disobey.

This pretty little slut has made once choice, and her master decided that she was going to pay for it with an exercise in control. She ends up blindfolded, while he clamps and stretches that pretty, tight little cunt of hers with a bunch of weighted clips, all while he makes sure that she knows that he is going to humiliate her by sending in the pictures. So she gets the choice of standing there, like a good little slave, or by disappointing her master by objecting to her treatment, or trying to cover herself. Lucky for her, she decides to be a good little subbie girl, and stands there oh-so-nicely while he gets some pictures of her hot body from every side. We end up with some sexy, slutty pictures, and she gets the punishment she deserves.

amateur Master/submissive lifestyle HERE

Hot Amateur Bondage Slut

hot bondage slut

There are more kinky people out there then you think, they are in private homes; they are going to work every day, while every night they get tied up, beaten, spanked and fucked while they beg for more and more. More of them want to share with others though, and you’ll see amateurs making their own videos as their sluts beg to get bound tighter while they are fucked harder and harder.

This tasty little bondage slut gets spread wide open for her boyfriend whenever he feels like he wants to get her hot little body soaking wet without hearing her moans and screams. She’s a loud little slut, so he makes sure that her mouth is full before he pulls out one of her favorite glass dildos. She’s so wet with just a little rub, and with the cuffs on her body that he doesn’t even need to ease it into her, he shoves it nice and deep into her tight little cunt. With her mouth gagged, her whimpers are muffled, but you can hear them even through the gag when he digs his fingers into her pussy and finds her most sensitive spots.

Check out this amateur bondage video HERE

Amateur Cuffed and Blindfolded

amateur cuffed and blindfolded

Everybody seems to want to have the world served up to them on a silver platter. A good little submissive slut knows though that their master probably doesn’t want the world, they just want their property spread, ready, wet and willing to give them anything they want at a moment’s notice. Those good little subs know that they are providing the best service they can by presenting themselves for their master’s pleasure.

This hot little piece of amateur bondage shows that this submissive girl knows the particular tastes of her master quite well. This cuffed and blindfolded slut keeps her pussy shaved, clean and ready for however she is going to be treated. She is in the most ready of positions, so when he brings out his toys so he can see how well her pussy is trained, she doesn’t have anything that she holds back from him. She may not have been quite ready for the big, black, jumbo dildo though, and you can see that she strains with the pleasure as her master ‘blesses’ her with the feeling of having her cunt stretched wide around the big toy. She’s not completely bound, she could probably struggle, but like a good little submissive she goes nowhere.

Check out this amateur fun HERE

Blonde Submissive in Amateur Bondage

amateur bondage

A good little submissive girl knows that when her master tells her to do something, there is no questioning; she just does follows the order. It doesn’t matter if that is getting her master a drink, or he tells her to jack him off in the middle of a deserted alley, she is eager to comply. These sluts are the unrestrained ones, the ones that have no limits, and will do anything as long as it pleases their master.

This particular little sub girl is a good one, so when her owner told her that he found a secluded place for some amateur bondage, she just got wet at the very idea. It’s a good thing he did find such a secluded place, because when he strung her up she probably would have serviced anyone that found them, rather than being for his enjoyment alone. Luckily it wasn’t just for her enjoyment, we all get to enjoy her shaved pussy too as he strings her up and spreads her open wide. He leaves her there until he makes sure she is thoroughly humiliated, but then goes one step further, he doesn’t let her down until she takes a piss right as she’s strung up, so that everyone can see how messy her little shaved pussy gets.

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Painslut is Suspended and Whipped

girl whipped

Some girls are born little painsluts, and others grow into it. Still others are like prodigies of pain, they take everything you can put to them, and they keep coming back for more. These hot little painsluts take more and more extreme punishments until I have to come up with newer, harsher methods to push their limits. That’s good for me, it means that I get new and inventive ideas, so that they suffer through the agony that I want.

Alex is one of those painsluts that just keeps coming back and back for more. Her toned, smooth body just seems made to take punishment, because she can contort, twist, turn and always seems like she’s ready to come back for more. This time though I wasn’t about to let her go without her begging for mercy, so I made sure I got the harshest, scratchiest rope I could and strung her up through it. I even made sure that one line ran against her pussy, so every time she squirmed from the lash she ripped it across her cunt. She still made my assistant and I push her hard so that she ended up with her pussy and ass covered with little welt marks.

See the beating HERE

Amateur Submission and Bondage

amateur submission

Some women have an exhibitionist slut buried deep inside them, but they won’t let it out without someone there to make them show the world how deep their perversions run. These little exhibitionists crave being used and showed off so that everyone can see what good little slaves they are, but they are too scared that someone will judge them, and call them out for the sluts they want to be.

This amateur slave’s master likes to make sure that she knows exactly how much everyone gets off seeing her pretty little body on display while she gets punished. The clothespins are the perfect accent to her cute tits, and that leash between her thighs ensures that her trimmed pussy is on display for everyone. She would never admit that she gets off on the public exposure, but she ends up so soaked that she barely has to stick the neck of her wine bottle in her tight pussy before she cums like crazy. It’s a good thing that this slave has such a loving master, that makes sure her slutty tendencies get displayed to absolutely everyone, even when she is too timid to ask for it on her own.

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This Slut gets Pussy Whipped

pussy whipped

Some painsluts undervalue themselves so much. I mean, they don’t think they can tolerate or endure nearly as much as they can. It is my job, no…my duty to show them that what they think is serious pain is merely a prelude to what their bodies can really take. Of course, sometimes that means these little slaves find themselves crying and balling their eyes out as I make every inch of their bodies burn, but well, that’s their problem, not mine.

Poor little Madeleine had no idea the kind of beating I had in store for her when I brought her to my favorite outdoor corner of my property. She didn’t really get an idea until the rope went around her ankle, and I spread her legs so I could get to her tight little pussy. When she realized what I was going to do she started whimpering almost immediately. I mean, she didn’t know her cunt could take the kind of punishment I was going to deal out, but I know much better. I lashed her from top to bottom, but made sure that every single one of my toys paid her pussy a visit. By the end she was crying her eyes out, but her little pussy was pretty red and soaking wet. I guess her body knew more than her brain did after all.

Watch her cry while whipped HERE

Suspended and Whipped

suspended and whipped

You need something to break up a monotonous task, and sometimes it’s good to mix that break with something that will lighten the mood and get the blood pumping. I like to take my breaks by making sure one of my painsluts gets a nice whipping. It might seem arbitrary, but there’s nothing more motivating for myself then to swing my single tails, and well…they will hardly slack off either when they get a nice warm ass from my whips.

This time I was painting one of the new dungeon rooms with my little blonde painslut assistant, when she said she was getting tired of painting. The job was only half done though, so she wasn’t about to get out of completing the work. If she was ‘done’ painting, she didn’t need her coveralls, but she didn’t want to get rid of them. I had to make sure she was bound into the hardpoint I put in first in each room before my lashes really made short work of her coveralls. She thought she could get out of her whipping by saying she could go back to work, but by then there was no way I was going to let her down before her body was covered in welts. Her pale skin showed off the lashes so well as I whipped her pussy and tits too, it was like she provided the perfect contrast to the white of the room with the red of her body.

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Wife is Amateur Sex Slave

amateur sex slave

As much as we love when we get a hot little submissive slut bound up and bent over, a lot of the time that’s not how things start. Some of them think that they are more about the service of submission, they want to please their masters, but they don’t think they can deal with the pain and restraint of punishment. They may get a wet pussy from being on their knees, but they need to learn that they can get a soaked cunt from taking their punishment from their master as well.

This amateur has the submission correct, at least, as she has no problem wearing anything her master wants, or doing what he wants, but she still hasn’t figured out the results of her failures. So when he has her serve him and she breaks a dish, it is the best opportunity. She practically cried when she had to hand him the crop, but that was only the beginning. Groveling wasn’t enough for her, he made sure she realized that when he bound her down and whipped her thoroughly. He caned and whipped her ass red, then left her bound to her punishment chair, so she can appreciate the ache over her ass while she thinks about how she failed her master.

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Amateur Bondage Gallery

amateur bondage

When a master grabs a rope, most thin it’s because they are going to do some artistic tie, or they are going to restrain their slaves for a little bit of fun. Rope can’t be mean, after all, can it? Some masters get that rope can be mean, nasty, and cruel, and can take any bratty little cumslut and make them obey properly with just a little bit of attention and creativity.

This master may have been into amateur bondage, but he had no question how he could make the rope be for as much punishment as a whip or a paddle. His little fucking slut let others play with her tits without his permission, so he made sure she realized that they only get used with his permission, or they get bound up until she doesn’t want them anymore. Those tits turn colors quite quickly when he tied them so viciously, and especially when he pushed her onto the bed and continued the abuse. It was an object lesion this little slave girl learned rather abjectly, and one that it’s good to remember when you have nothing but a few hanks of rope handy.

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Brunette Submissive Gets Publically Whipped

public whipping

I don’t ask much from my slaves and serving girls. I just ask that they do a few chores so that they can stay whenever they want without any cost. I think that’s fair for a slave girl to get room and board. I have enough of them that they don’t even have to do that many chores to earn their keep. The little painsluts just have the simplest tasks to do, but some of them require additional training before they can even get those tasks right.

You’d figure anyone could put up laundry correctly, right? Well, not this little brunette painslut, she barely could get the laundry line rigged up, and she was taking forever with it. She needed the proper motivation to learn the lesson. That lesson needed to come on the heels of both my favorite whips. She needed to get a nice set of stripes across her ass as a reminder that she shouldn’t slack off on the job. She wasn’t truly repentant though until the lash managed to lick her across her naughty little pussy and over her breasts. Then she couldn’t be sorry enough, and she was more than willing to go back and take care of the chores the right way.

Watch her whipped from tits to ankles HERE

Two for One Sex Slaves

sex and submission

Some girls are just made to be hot little sex slaves. Every fiber of their body aches to be under the control of a controlling man that will treat them as they toys they want to be. They crave the feeling of being split open by a hard cock that has no regard for their pleasure; they are just there to satisfy their master’s cravings. They don’t feel satisfied until they are used and left begging for more while their tops move on for more.

In this case we were lucky enough to find not just one, but two submissive little sluts for our use. Of course, one of them had to get put to work until our second sex toy joined us. She whined a little bit about the ballgag, but we shut her up quickly enough when our blonde toy arrived, of course, we shut her up with a nice, hard cock, so that did quite a lot to satisfy her. They both were soaking wet even before we spread their legs wide and tied them to the cross bar, which proved how much they craved the feeling of a hard cock into their tight cunts. I doubt we had to restrain them at all in the end, they begged for more and more as they got fucked in both pussy and ass, and they moaned even louder when they were rewarded with a couple of nice hot loads across their faces.

See them bound and fucked HERE

Blonde gets Ass Lashed

lashed ass

Blonde hair, tits and a pussy are all some girls think they need to get their way. Luckily I like proving to those little sluts that they are completely wrong. We get the most misbehaving little slaves that think they can fuck their way out of any situation, and unfortunately, they sometimes are right with their masters. We don’t care about that though, because we have plenty of our own slaves that are willing to please us, and we can tie them up and discipline them properly after.

This blonde slut thought she could get extra favors by not wearing any underwear and promising to lick me and my assistant like she did her lollipop. That’s not what gets me going though, seeing her struggle and whine as I almost choke her out and toss her over the bar does. Her screams as the lash hit her bare ass were all the noise I needed to hear out of her mouth. She even resorted to begging once the lash marks showed up on her skin, not that I was about to stop until she learned a lesson on being a properly submissive little painslut.

Watch her punishment and pain HERE

Genuine Full Body Whipping

full body whipping

There’s nothing like seeing a hot little painslut writhing beneath a whip when they really enjoy it. I have several slaves that take the whip for punishment and discipline, but others act the brat just so they can feel the whip between their thighs. I have other ways of punishing them, but I also just love seeing the way they react when I choose to grace them with a few lashes across their skin.

This sweet little brunette crawled onto the bed nude, and just begged me to lash her pretty white skin. Since I was feeling generous, I figured she might be worth getting a few lash marks on her skin. She screams so well when she gets the lash across her nipples and her cute little shaved pussy, and especially when the whip hits her clit. She always begs for more though, because she can’t get enough of the red streaks across her skin. She is a naughty little painslut though; every time I am finished with her I have to clean off all of my whips, because she practically cums all over them every single time. She tells me she can’t help it, but she needs to control herself better, so she gets a different kind of discipline after.

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Subserviant Redhead Slave

subserviant redhead slave

It doesn’t take much to turn a submissive little slut into a proper fucktoy for her master. When that submissive girl is married to her master, it is even easier. It just takes a little training, and a little pressure to turn a submissive woman that wants to please her husband, into a subservient little fucktoy that is ready to perform at a moment’s notice and gets off on the feel of being completely exposed and at the use of her master.

This hot little redhead’s master wanted to show off exactly how well he trained her, and how much she craves him so much that she will suck his cock off on command. She adores being his cherished toy, even when that means he gets to show off his favorite toy to all his friends, and anyone that will come across her pictures wherever he sends them. He loves how she gets wet even at the opportunity he gives her to get her lips around his cock. It’s quite lovely what a little slave toy can learn to do, and how much they love that feeling of being commanded by their master.

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Amateur BDSM Pony Girl

pony girl in amateur bondage

If you want to see some of the hottest, sexiest, sluttiest kinky women out there, you generally only have to look as far as someone you know’s wife or girlfriend. You might be surprised how many women out there want to be sex slaves, bound up, fucked, flogged and controlled in their private lives. If you could see them in their private lives, you’d get rock hard as you saw their masters’ binding them up and exposing them.

This hot little blonde bondage slut couldn’t wait to get her pictures taken while she had a piece of bamboo between her thighs. She begged for it as it rubbed her clit, even when her master told her that any pictures were going to get sent in so everyone could enjoy them. The humiliation must have just turned her on more, because he captured quite a few pictures of her strung up, exposed and begging to get used like a little slut. It’s like a trigger for some women, it gives them an opportunity to explore the darker side of being taken like a toy, and played with by their man in every way that he chooses, no matter how humiliating or painful it can be.

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More Amateur BDSM

amateur BDSM

Sometimes a girl needs to learn that she has a body a guy would kill for, but that she has to give up everything she haves in order to find a guy that will appreciate it properly. When those girls first feel the rope go on them, and they get bound and displayed for their men, they truly understand what it means that someone appreciates their body. Of course, they must submit themselves to being their master’s hot little fucktoy, because if he can’t admire her body, then half the point is lost.

This little brunette beauty’s master quickly taught her how much he ‘appreciated’ her body by trussing her up and bending her over so she was fully exposed to his attentions. Nothing exposes a girl’s hot little pussy like a hogtie, especially if you want her stretched out and straining while you fuck her with your toys, fingers, or if you really want to pound into her. Of course, that’s not quite as displayed as being spread-eagled, and this slut got extremely wet when she was told that everyone was going to see her pictures of her turned on and tied up.

See all the positions he puts her in HERE

Slut Receives Painful Beating

painful beating

More girls should look at what they are signing before they get into the modeling situation. They might be surprised what they agree to, especially when they show us some attitude. We don’t trick anyone, but a lot of girls just have a bad attitude, and they think that there is no way that anyone would follow through on doing anything once they are finished modeling. It’s such a pleasure to take these girls with bad attitudes and give them a proper correction.

When we got Heather Monroe to model for us, we made sure she looked over the entire contract, and we even asked her if she was used to getting punished. She said that she never needed punishment, and then gave us attitude the entire shoot. I decided to teach her the lesson about reading her contracts, and grabbed her and pulled her over my knee. She really did have a nice pretty model’s ass, but it didn’t start looking its best until it was turned rosy red from a nice, long, hard spanking. She begged for me to stop the entire time, but she never really struggled to get away. She must have learned her lesson in the end, or at least she had a reminder of that lesson for a few days after she left.

See her get punished HERE

Humiliated Slave Worships Mistress

humiliated slave

Not all painsluts are about the outchie bleedy treatment, sometimes they just want the humiliation, the control, and they want to be treated like the sluts they are. Those women take a particular touch, a good mistress knows the kind of touch that gets a slut melting. For some slaves they can’t get into the right worship mindset without a boot to lick, and a girl that they can submit to. Of course, those little humiliation sluts often are the hottest ones to watch, as they sink into their submission.

This little blonde maid doesn’t want anything more then to worship her mistress like a little slut. There’s plenty of boot worship of her knee-highs, with lots of licking and slobbering before the slave is put against the wall. This hot mistress wants a decorative slave as well as someone that worships her, and with tits like that it’s no wonder that they could use a clothespin covering. You don’t realize just what a slut she is though until her little maid uniform goes bye-bye and she shows off the clothespins all over her pussy. This is one submissive little slut, and she obviously gets off on being subservient to her lovely mistress.

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Submissive Wife in Bondage

submissive wife in bondage

Some little cumsluts need to be taught the lessons of restraint. They get so needy and whiny when they don’t get their way and they start to forget their lessons that they are merely there for the pleasure of their master. All masters have different ways of dealing with little sluts that act that way, and reminding them of their place. It’s always interesting to see those different methods.

This particular master sent in this picture of his spread-eagled little fucktoy after she presumed too much and started begging and whining for him to give her some attention. Well, after he tied her down and cut off her panties, he made sure she got plenty of attention. He made sure she knew that everyone on the web was going to see her pictures of her spread out hairy pussy while he punished her. It takes just simple reminders like that, where the demanding little slut gets to learn that she doesn’t control anything. Whether she is fucked, whether she is spread open for everyone else’s approval, nothing. So maybe next time she’ll think twice before she starts getting too whiny and demanding for his attentions.

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Amateur Dungeon and Machine Fucking

machine fucking

It doesn’t take much of a dungeon to get a little slut trapped and begging for mercy. A little invention and a good workshop will give any creative master all the tools he need to reduce his little fucktoy to a quivering mass of begging flesh. It’s amazing what a few powertools can do to get a little slut into machine fucking, especially when they feel a toy pounding deep into their cunts, powered the only way a twelve volt can.

This guy decided that his workshop was not complete without his slave perched on the counter begging for him to give her more and more. She had no idea what he was going to do, but he got her nice and primed by filing her sensitive little clit until she cried out in orgasm. That was the only lube she needed really, which is good because he didn’t stop as he stuffed her pussy with a hard, black, drill powered fake cock. It’s a good thing he had her tied to the wall, because she would have jerked away from his little toy at the first opportunity after she orgasmed, she was so sensitive that she cried for mercy, or at least as best she could through her gag.

See her pain HERE

Amateur Painslut gets Punished

amateur painslut

Not everyone has the facilities to take full advantage of a hungry little painslut on their hands. They may indulge the best they can in private, but they really need the full facilities to get the most out of a pain hungry little fucktoy, which is where the private rental dungeon comes in. We have the facilities they don’t, so they get to try out things they would never do in their private homes.

This couple really wanted to stretch their wings, so when we offered to film their session, they jumped at the chance. The decked out in their leather, but you could tell she just wanted to feel him abusing her. Every spank of his hand, or lash from his flogger just brought another moan from her nasty lips. We’re surprised she didn’t cum on the spot when he put her over the table, but this nasty little painslut held off on that, at least until later.

See the video HERE

Girl Angers her Maser and Gets Punished

punished girl

Nothing is more fun that watching what happens when a little painslut pisses off her proper master. Everyone’s style is different, so you can get ideas for all sorts of different punishments when you watch what happens to other nasty, wicked little sluts. Considering how much masters like to share their ‘work’ you always have plenty of ideas to work with.

Sadie here got into trouble when she went to a Halloween party and managed to get drunk and talk a little too much about her master’s lifestyle. Sure he was able to pass it off, but then he needed to make sure that she learned her lesson. He tied her tits off so that she could barely feel them before he ever began punishing her. When her yelps got too loud he shut her up nice and hard as well by stuffing her mouth. She needed the lesson, because when a little slave runs her mouth too much, she just is looking for trouble.

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Slave Girl is Tied Up and Fucked

tied up and fucked

Some girls just need to be tied up and fucked, put in the most blunt terms possible. They crave the feeling of being used like a toy, for the pleasure of their master or mistress. If not every one of their holes gets used they get restless, and you never want your little slut getting restless, or they might find other ways to get their itch satisfied. It’s so much better to keep them filled with cock, so they never have the urge to go wandering.

In her day, this little brunette slut keeps her urges under control, but she always thinks about the abuse that her master gives her every night. This time he decided to show her what a little fucktoy she is by inviting one of his friends over to experience the heat of her mouth and pussy. With the help of a bit of rope keeping her under control they got to pound every hole, including her tight ass. She was a greedy little slut too, and just kept begging for more and more, even when they filled her with a nasty DP and pounded her to orgasm after orgasm. They were more than happy to fill her up with a couple of huge loads of cum, and she just came back and asked when she could do it again.

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Severe Breast Torture and Bondage

breast torture

Many doms out there are starting to find their calling with their subs and sluts. It just takes that moment of seeing the squirm, or the gasp of pain, while the sub girl gets wet to trigger that love for the reactions a top can get from the people they play with. They also find out that showing off their work and humiliating their slaves can provoke all sorts of lovely reactions.

This dom’s slave has a set of rather lovely tits, something he decided he should exploit properly to show them off so he can give them the proper levels of attention. A little rope in a muffin style harness later gets them puffed out so he can hear her whimpers as he abuses them and subjects them to all kinds of torture. She doesn’t beg too hard though, because all through the pain she just ends up more and more wet, something else he knows how to deal with rather well.

Watch her torture HERE

Dominated Girl Zyna gets Hurt

dominated girl

We had a special little surprise for Zyna when she got home. Usually she’s the one in the charge, she gets to be in control of others, and she even gets to play dominatrix on the weekend. She loves having boy toys at her disposal, but we thought it was about time she experienced the other side of the coin.

We brought in Antonio Ross, who knew her well to snag her in her own home. She had little warning before she was hog tied on the ground in her own living room. The little slut has a submissive streak, because as soon as she was trussed up her panties were so wet they barely worked as a gag for her while Antionio lashed her with the belt. She went with the flow quickly enough when he jammed his cock down her throat, but he didn’t get done until he fucked her raw and had her begging for him to cover her with his cum.

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Submissive Wife in Amateur Bondage

amateur bondage

Wicked little slaves deserve to get put in time out. When their master is also someone that experiments with rope and rope punishment, it gives a whole new meaning to how that little slut is going to spend her quiet time. Every rope top has their own little spin on binding their slaves, and they all love showing off their work.

This display of amateur bondage was his way of making sure that his personal slut stays in the corner while he reinforces his discipline. It doesn’t matter how much this slut begs, cries and pouts, the ropes make sure that she feels his discipline as a reminder for her to stay in time out. Sometimes it’s not about the pain, or the forced positioning that reinforces a slave’s discipline, it’s the knowledge that she disappointed that is the worst punishment.

See her bound HERE

Slave Girl Gets Public Outdoor Whipping

outdoor whipping

I don’t just train my own little painsluts for their obedience and discipline. I take great pleasure in training other’s slaves in the mind, and in the body. Nothing motivates quite so well as a lash across the ass or pussy to get a slut moving when they don’t want to, and I take great delight in bringing them out of their ruts.

Many of my friends use my property to train their slaves, and he wanted me to watch over this one, since she had been slacking off on her workouts. He demands well toned slaves, so I brought in my own special brand of training. There are few things like hard welts across the ass from a whip to get a girl motivated to stay off her ass. This particular little slut was particularly difficult though, I even had to make sure that she was thoroughly whipped from top to bottom before she decided it was worth getting on with her workout.

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Tied Up, Suspended, and Throat Fucked

tied up and fucked

Suspension and rope work can be pretty, and it can be artwork, but people always seem to forget that it can also be functional as well. When you want a nice little sex slut exposed and at your disposal there is something so liberating about restraining her so that you can fuck her at your leisure.

Nicki Blue was not new to suspension, but she was about the art of it, so when this particular master told her he was going to fuck her while she was in the air, she was shocked. It didn’t take her long to warm up to the idea though, especially once he was rubbing her pussy with his fingers and sliding his cock inside her. The ropes made her his special little fuck toy, completely exposed so he had no resistance. It wasn’t like she was going to resist anyway, because when she was done she couldn’t wait, she begged for another chance in the rope as soon as she could.

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Bound Wife

bound wife

When you want a nice, cock hungry little slave available for your disposal; there are few better skills to pick up then a nice bit of rope bondage. You can adapt it to ropes, sheets, almost anything you have handy to tie up your little slave when all you want is their hot pussy, breasts or any other part of their body at your disposal.

It is so satisfying to see guys picking up their skills, because sometimes that cock hungry slave gets a bit too demanding, and you want them on your own terms. These pictures come in from different masters that wanted to show off their work exposing their little sluts in different ways, binding them and making sure they are ready in every way possible. There is no reason why a good bit of rope can’t solve any access problems at all, and when you get to fuck your little bondage slut every which way you show your mastery at your skills.

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Amateur BDSM Videos

amateur BDSM videos

It’s always such a pleasure when I see couples decide that their lives aren’t enough without a little bit of pain in their lives. When you get a pain-hungry slut that finds her proper master there is just a click that happens, and they know they have found their right place in life. They generally also like showing others how they treat each other, so a lot of these couples find out that they can make videos and pictures and humiliate their little slut even further.

That’s why these videos always come out so sizzling hot. Her moans at the weighted nipple clamps convey just the right level of agony, especially when he gives her inner thighs a couple of smacks. Pain is just their channel, because she ends up soaking wet even before the nipple clamps come off her cute little tits. This little painslut is adorable to watch with her master, he almost plays her like an instrument and knows just the ways to get her moaning.

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Asian Slave Gets Bound and Punished

asian slave

How would you like to have your own personal Asian whore who loves a bit of slave sex? You know, a nice little Asian girl that you can put in a cage and bring out occasionally when you fancy getting your dick wet? The kind of girl who likes to be tied to the bed and throat fucked before getting her tight Asian cunt slammed with your fat cock? Well, this cute little Asian sex slave might be just the girl for you!

This is Su Ling and she is one of the regulars on amateur bondage site Amateur Tied. Su Ling loves a bit of slave sex with her American boyfriend and they like to post pictures on the site showing her in some really humiliating and degrading poses. She is so subservient that she will literally do anything her boyfriend tells her to and this has lead to some awesome pictures being posted –

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Bullwhip Spanking Makes Painslut Cry

bullwhip spanking

I do so love when my slaves throw each other under the bus. Each girl knows just what the other girls most fear, so when I ask one of them who deserves a bit of discipline, I know that they are going to find the wickedest choice possible. I love it when I get my little sluts to get each other in trouble, since I know they will return the favor later.

In this case I was feeling in a particularly wicked mood, so I asked my slave who needed a good whipping. Of course she picked the girl that just can’t stand the feel of the lash. When I got her strung up I let her know exactly who suggested her, just before I brought out the whip. I reminded her every time that the lash touched her skin who told me she deserved it. When the cracker licked her breasts, or her cunt, I told her who was to blame. Even as she moaned and cried I knew that the next time I asked her who deserved a punishment, just which of my painsluts was next under the bus.

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Blonde Slave gets Chained and Punished

slave sex

Certain sluts need to be caged before they are going to be worth giving them the treatment they deserve. They may get to squirmy or even worse they try to escape from their confinement unless you strap them in good and tight. Then you can really get on these needy, naughty slaves, whether you want to abuse their tits, ass or pussy, or just see their body red with welts and writhing in pain.

This wicked blonde slave was being particularly whiny, so my friend decided that she just was going to get bound to the cage so he could finally work her over. When he deals with a girl begging for slavesex he treats her like any other, and makes her regret her begging. He straps her tight down, so she can’t squirm away too much once he pulls out the wax. It’s not what his slave had in mind for her fun, so she immediately starts complaining. It’s a good thing that he doesn’t tolerate that, and makes sure she gets a good dose of nice, hot wax on her pretty tits before she complains about her hands turning numb. Well, a slave without hands is pretty useless, so he is nice enough to reposition her, but then he just tries harder to make her regret her decision!

CLICK HERE for the painful video

Pain Slave Earns Master’s Trust

More and more women are discovering that despite everyone telling them that they have to be independent, and in charge, they have something in them that begs for someone restraining them, giving them orders, and forcing them to their will. They decide that being owned is not abnormal, or strange, it is their choice, especially when they get so much pleasure from being a submissive little fucktoy that they are very satisfied when they find a strong master. Those masters like to show off their well-trained sluts as well, it lets everyone know that their woman is there for sizzling hot slavesex.

This particular blonde fucktoy is well trained in all the ways of her master’s protocol, so he just had to show us how well she waits for his attention and approval. She knows her place, and she knows how much she loves being there, so when she is standing at attention she makes sure that she is entirely at his disposal and attention. Of course, he does reward her properly for being a good little slut, her collar is well set up for his other restraints, so when she ends up chained she is completely exposed to him. He says his particular reward for this slut is to bind her and stick her favorite vibe into her pussy for so long that her orgasms eventually just shoot it out of her without any help from him at all.

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Horny Slave Has Her Pussy Tortured

Slave sex takes a dark twisted turn when a horny sadistic master strips his petite slave completely naked and spreads her legs wide open as he prepares her for a clamp torture session so intense and yet unbelievably satisfying for both of them. The sub obediently gives in and lets her master have his way with her. Writhing in a mixture of pain and pleasure, she fully submits and gives up all control to her master who takes great pleasure in hooking first one clamp on her pussy lips before adding two more. The heavy clamps weigh down her pierced pussy lips but the resilient slave remains standing still as her master admires his handiwork. Her stylish pussy with its sexy strip running down the middle gets wetter and wetter as the submissive bitch gives up her all to her master who is thoroughly turned on by the massive dangling pussy clamps. With the clamps firmly in place, the master introduces a whip into their play and spanks the slave’s naked bottom with it causing her to moan out as she stifles a cry. He then alternates between using his hands and the whip on her rosy red round bottom.

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Amateur Asian Bondage

asian bondage

There may be a lot of amateur slaves and sluts out there, but when it comes to humiliation, and rope bondage, there is still an immense amounts of tradition of it coming out of the Asian countries. They love their tradition of hot Asian girls tied up and waiting for their chance to serve their masters by sucking their cock, being available to get fucked, or just being there on display so that their master has something pleasing to look at.

This couple sent in their pictures of one of their more traditional bondage situations. This wife slave denied loving it at first, but she soaked her panties through when tied up to the bed. She may be a modern woman, but she is a traditional slave and was ready to service her master as soon as her wrists were bound in place. It is always so satisfying to see the lovely continuation of such a tradition, especially when we see how eager she is to please him by sucking his cock like a nice little fuckslut. It just shows that not only the professionals are keeping the traditions going properly, so many slaves out there just ache for their control, so when you give it to them you end up with a happy master and slave.

CLICK HERE to for the gallery

Amateur Couple Shares their Scene Play

amateur bdsm

It is so entertaining to watch new people getting into BDSM. Those women find their inner sluts, their inner slaves, and let themselves go into the places that their masters demand them. They don’t need professional dominatrix or dominants in their lives, they find their service with their master of their lives, their boyfriends, their husbands, and even their close friends. When they find the joy of submission, they find their true natures.

Proud masters send us their photos and movies that show how well their personal sluts have taken their lessons to heart. Every one is an amateur couple that has found out how hot their relationship can be when they learn that she just wants to be a hot little fucktoy bound to his will. This couple has decided that she is as restrained as she is just so she can service her man. She finds the most joy in the simple of tasks, when she sucks his cock, when she wears his collar, and when she follows his orders. What more do you need from a hungry little submissive slut that wants her position as a slave. She finds her perfect nature when she serves, and when he does decide that she is worth fucking, it can be her greatest joy in her service.

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Hot Bound Slave


A proper sex slave doesn’t need much. If properly trained they must be able to serve their masters without question and without complaint. Occasionally a well deserving slut should get a little gift though. Why not celebrate their service with a special treat, not only for your little fucktoy, but for your other friends that have admired your slave’s submission from afar. On the proper occasion you can make sure your slut knows how much she is appreciated.

Nikki may be a good little sex slave, but she is always such an insatiable little slut that when it was time for her birthday her owner decided to throw a little gangbang in her honor. I volunteered to document the whole affair of course, She didn’t know it was going to happen at first, she just thought she was going to get a nice vide to remember her birthday as her master tied her up and fucker her silly. Like a good little slut she sucked him eagerly, but he had a surprise for her once she was blindfolded. That’s when he let his friends hin. Her first clue to her gangbang was getting new cocks shoved down her throat, and it was quite a pleasant surprise for her. When she was tied into the chair and they took turns fucking her she was I in a near constant state of pleasure, and she just kept begging for more. Luckily for that was just the start of her evening getting to be a nice fucktoy like a proper slut.

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Amateur Slave Tied Up


A good, proper slave knows that she is not going to get her master’s attention every second of every day, when that happens if she has permission she may make her own entertainment. Of course, a good slave will also tell her master everything she does for her own entertainment, so that her master has the opportunity to repeat the performance, or just savor the report on how their little pet got their marks.

In some cases though that story is not enough, so this amateur slave’s master decided to see exactly how she plays with herself when he is not around to punish her properly. He wanted her to have a record of the nasty things she does as a slave. Like a good little slut she didn’t object to having the entire session recorded, especially since she knew it was for her master’s pleasure. He didn’t even help her as she coated her pussy with hot wax and burned her tits, after all, if she screwed up it was her own fault for being so clumsy. This little slut slave tied, waxed, and then spanked her little pussy for her master, so that he would have a good record of what she does when he’s not around.

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Girl Cant Move After Being Whipped


Dealing with a fighting slut can have certain rewards, especially once you’ve conquered them and you know you’ve whipped them into a properly respectful, pliant slave. Of course, other times, I just love to see lash marks on soft, delicate skin, where the welts will show up the best. When I’m in that mood, well…I get to practice my rope skills to make sure my little slave won’t get too far.

Tina was the lovely little slave that deserved my attentions this time. She didn’t do anything wrong, but the lash marks show up so nicely on her tight little body. She loves rope too, so it was easy enough to get her in the ropes. She wasn’t quite so enthusiastic when the lash came out though, but once I started whipping her sweet tits she stopped complaining. I made sure I lashed every part of her, including her tight little pussy, until she was bright red all over. It always feels good when I do such a thorough job striping my slaves red.

Check out more videos here.

Hot Sex Slave Gets Tits Tied


There are so many sluts out there that beg for attention, they become such horny little wenches that they become sex slaves for anyone that will show them how much their cravings control them. They will take any attention they can get, and the pain and the pleasure end up being the same for them, they just degenerate into wicked little fuck hungry sluts that will do anything if it means their master will touch their bodies.

This little blonde slave was so hungry that when she saw that two tops were going to take their time with her she got wet before they even strapped her into the St. Andrew’s cross. Her hot little tits became the target of their affections, and they tied them up until she was blue and so sensitive that she almost came from the lightest brush on her nipples. This little sex slave begged for everything, she wanted their fingers in her cunt, they wanted her to abuse her, and she went into fits of ecstasy when they finally brought out the flogger and started flogging her exposed pussy. This little fuck toy was so into it she would have done anything just for the one more minute of their attentions, she let them do anything as long as she got the chance to feel them abuse her.

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Control Your Black Sex Object of Affection

As much as I love having my own slaves, and coming up with all sorts of punishments for them, and making them serve me like proper sluts, there is just something about watching how others keep their pets in order. If you’re not learning, you’re dying, so there’s always something you can pick up when you watch another master keep their property in order. It always inspires me to new heights, and I always get new ideas, not that my slaves appreciate the inspiration later.


This little slave slut is a great example of seeing how others control the objects of their affection. She is there for him to take advantage of some slave sex, and so he makes sure right off the bat that she is entirely at his disposal. He wants her mouth, so he makes sure that the only thing she can use is her mouth to suck him off. He wants her on her knees, so she is in chains, and forced to her knees. This is a little slut that knows her place, and this is a master that knows what he wants from his slave. When the two of them meet, she will serve exactly as he pleases, because she just has no choice.

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Sex Slave Bound, Wrapped, and Ready to be Fucked


Simple is often the best method of making sure that a woman knows that she is the object of her man’s pleasure. They don’t need the most intense bondage, they don’t need humiliation, sensory deprivation or intense punishments and training for them to understand their place. A bit of rope, a gag, a blindfold, and being pushed around and controlled like an object all can emphasize that a slave’s place is at her master’s feet.


This couple has the technique down rather well. The wife is just an object, and when he wants to tie her up because it pleases him, she knows better than to object. She is there to spend time in his bondage, she is there to be his art, and his object of control, and she is there simply because he wishes it. This little slave is his, and her entire purpose is fulfilled with the ropes around her wrists, ankles, and the gag and blindfold around her head. When he is happy to have her as his bound work of art, she is happy, and then the slave has done everything she needs to do as his object, and his possession.


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Wife Tied Up At Home

amateur bondage

A proper slut wife is one that knows her place in the relationship. If they want to submit to their role as a slave, at the entire mercy of their husband, they have to go all the way and be willing to submit to their owner and husband’s every whim. It can take quite a bit of time for proper training, but some couples get their lives down, and she becomes a proper slave and slut. Those women learn to take pleasure in the fact that everything about them is just a toy for their husband’s pleasure.

The husband in this couple wanted to show off his well trained slave slut, and sent us a set of photos showing her in subservient bliss as he ordered her about their home. She has no wishes except for his wishes, whether he just wants to admire her body, or whether he wants to degrade his slut wife by fucking her with whatever is at hand. She knows that she is entirely subservient for his whims, even if she ends up the object for him to show off to millions exactly how good a little slave and slutwife can be. One of the best things about this couple is that she gets off now whenever he tells her what a good little slut she is. It just makes her wetter and more eager to please, so he has developed the perfect way of training her in the cycle of pleasure and servitude.

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Amateur Submissive Wife Submits to Tight Breast Bondage

submissive wife

There are so many sluts out there that fuck anyone that moves that you can practically pick and choose when you want to find a girl that will suck a guy’s cock. Some women just use their sluttyness to cover the fact that they actually want to be owned, body soul and sexually. They want someone to ensure they don’t go anywhere, that they are forced only to fuck at one person’s command, so they can be the little toys used by someone that knows what they want. Those girls become the most enthusiastic, cocksuckers and sexual slaves; all they need is a push so that they know they will be at the disposal at one person, at any time.

This little slut came with pictures from her master, he wanted everyone to know what it means when you have a slave that knows her place, and has no limits when it comes to being in someone else’s control. He makes her bury her face on his long cock, just because he feels like it for a moment, because he wanted to get off once before he really made her beg for his cock. He also loves her huge breasts so much that before he gives her the chance to let him fuck her she has to be bound so that they show off exactly how big they are. Only when she fully shows him that she is at his mercy does he decide to fuck her. She’s a proper slut too, she begs for him every thrust, and makes sure he knows how much she loves being his lucky sex slave.

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Brand New REAL Amateur BDSM

real slave bondage

It’s always so amusing when you get wanna-be sluts that are willing to do anything for the feeling of being at the mercy of any dom out there. It doesn’t matter if they are going to get punished, or fucked, or the pain and pleasure, they just want to think they are getting the true experience of being a bound little slave and cunt there for the pleasure of another person. It does mean that they are taking the first steps though, and you may get a good slut in the end when they truly explore.

This particular slut looked for the experience of being a bondage bottom, but didn’t have any clue what it really meant. Her dom just wanted a hole to fuck, so he just pushed her over the bed and tied her down. When she begged for a little relief, he provided it by tying her eyes so that she wouldn’t know what was about to come next. The little slut begged to get released over and over, but he wasn’t about to let her go until she ended up good and fucked. Sometimes even a new amateur dom can get it right with the proper slut, because once she was thoroughly used, she came back and begged for even more.

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Real Amateur Slave in Bondage

real life slave sex

Painsluts are a completely different type of slave to deal with. You hit them, they beg for more, you pin them, they beg for more, you can do everything to them you ever want and they just beg for more. Every bit of pain makes their cunts wet, and they just love the feeling of the pleasure mixed with the pain.

This particular painslut just inspired a bit of creativity with me. I made sure she couldn’t move so she couldn’t work herself loose, then clamped her pussy wide open. Let me tell you that made this slut instantly wet, especially when I weighted them and stretched her wide open. That only made it easier to fuck her with the vibe, because that pussy was so tight I’m not sure how well it would have gone in otherwise. The slut loved it though, she practically gushed whenever she moved and jerked her pussy lips, so I let her sit with the vibe in her for a while until she came over and over just from it inside her and her stretched pussy lips.

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Slave gets Suspended Upside Down for Whipping

suspended whipping

I must admit, sometimes a slut starts getting used to her punishments. When that happens I have to make sure that I both increase the intensity, and change their situation so that they cannot get their head in their ‘usual’ place when getting whipped.

This particular slut thought she was so used to my punishments that she could mouth off with impunity and get away with it since she knew what was coming. Well, she didn’t see that I picked up some new suspension boots, and was she surprised when she got pulled up ass over her head. That blood rushing to her head made the whipping take on a whole dimension, since she couldn’t get her balance. It also meant that she marked so much easier, especially when I lashed her cunt and hanging tits. I made sure that the slave knows in the future that she can never get used to her punishments, I will always find a new way to punish her.

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Dominance and Submission: The Face of Pain

dominance and submission

A few slaves out there push even me to the extremes. There are girls that turn any kind of pain to pleasure and make me work to get them across the line into discipline. When they go under the lash I know that I have to change tactics to get the scene that I want.

Alex, this slut gets off on pain, so much so that as soon as the whip touches her skin she gets wet and ready to fuck. She starts working into the single tail, because she gets off on the dominance and submission, and the more red her skin gets, the more wetness between her thighs. With her I just have to let her go at it, once I get her wet enough she just fucks herself with her fingers until she cums. That’s when I get to step in, because for her the punishment is the threats that I stop. She’ll beg me to continue to lashing no matter what, until she can get that one last orgasm.

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Blonde Slave Tries to Get Away

whipped blonde slave

Some slaves think that if they can just move away far enough that somehow that will make the lashing better. That’s a nice little challenge for me, because when they try and get away I get to show them how badly they can get punished for their lack of discipline.

This blonde slut tried to get away after the first few lashes that marked her tight ass. She was good at making sure I couldn’t get a solid hit, so I had to take measures. I find that the metal triangle up against their cunt does a good job of making sure they won’t go anywhere. Once she felt that metal against her pussy she knew she was in real trouble, because I just whipped her twice as hard since she couldn’t get away. By the end of her lashing the triangle horse was soaked with her pussy juice. I guess I might have to use that one more often.

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Some Girls Just Never Learn


Some sluts just don’t seem to get it. They misbehave over and over again and just end up right back on my rack. These slaves must obviously crave the discipline and the lash, because otherwise I wouldn’t see them mouthing off, disobeying and generally fucking up in ways that they end up with me. Of course, some part of me loves seeing them come back to me because I can really let go. The first time I may end up being nice, but once they come back they are fair game for the most brutal punishments I can mete out.

This blond slut is one of those repeat offenders. She ends up in my hands over and over again, as much as she protests that she doesn’t want to be here, as soon as the marks heal she’s doing something to end up deserving the lash again. She is a great target though, her small figure, with her shaved pussy make sure that all the lash blows leave amazing red marks across her skin.

It always amazes me when a slave struggles when the lashing starts. It’s not like the worthless cunt is going to go anywhere with her hands locked into a cross bar. They cry, they whine, they moan when the lash catches their nipples and their pussy, but that is just the beginning. When I get a repeat offender, I’m going for scars and cuts so they know damn sure what happens when they disobey again.

After I tossed this slave around a bit, I really got down to business and made sure that every inch of her had some kind of lash mark, or cut from my single tail. It was all the slut deserved after coming back to me after all, and we don’t want her to forget what happens, now do we.

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Submissive Sex Slaves Shown the Ropes


So many sluts have the urges to be submissive sex slaves, but they don’t know how to get started. I love showing them the ropes and forcing them to accept how they can be filthy, dirty sluts that deserve every kind of punishment they deserve.

These two sluts hadn’t been properly marked before, they thought being a slave meant kneeling and sucking cock on demand. I showed them that they have nothing to expect but pain, degradation, and serving whatever whims suited me at the time. They both had such nice asses that when the wax and fire started dripping all over them it left the perfect marks for my tastes. Their cries of pain are music to my ears, nothing says submissive slut like a whimper when wax drips across their oh-so-delicate skin. This should be a good lesson for the sluts, their pain, along with everything else is just there to serve me.

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Spoiled Brat Gets Lashed

spoiled brat

I’m lucky, usually most of my slaves are well behaved, most of the time. They may get into trouble now and again, but when it comes down to it they know their place, and I only have to punish them occasionally. Every once in a while though I will get a slut that just doesn’t get it through her head, and I need to take additional measures.

This spoiled brat of a girl just couldn’t get it through her head that she needed to behave, and she actually made the mistake of misbehaving at one of my parties. I couldn’t let that stand, so I was determined to give her the lashing of her life. She shut up quickly when I really started laying into her, especially when I hit her tits and pussy. Soon enough all I got from her were gasps and screams of pain, exactly what I want from a bad slut. Maybe this time she’ll figure out what happens when a slave behaves badly.

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Slave on Torture Wheel

slave on torture wheel

Sometimes I like to challenge myself a little. I have to get a bit inventive now and again just to change it up for myself. When I am doing that I also figure out better ways I can whip and beat the slaves and sluts that come into my life. That particular combination led to this little wheel contraption that would let me strap a slave in and get to them from any angle. Once I had it built I could barely wait to get one of my sluts up on the wood.

I ended up with one of my favorite sex slaves, one who can take a real whipping all over her body and who welts like a work of art. She didn’t know what she was in for when I strapped her in, especially when I started whipping her chest and breasts like I really enjoy. It’s only when the wheel turned that she really understood her predicament, when I started lashing her from different angles. The wheel let me go from whipping this slut’s tits to her pussy with no fuss and no muss. Nothing makes me happier then easy access to a slave’s pussy to inflict some real pain before a session is done.

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Busty Sex Slave Earns Rough Sex Play Day

Busty Slave on Rack

Busty Slave on Rack

This blonde and busty chick loves the life of sex and submission. Her Master always seems to understand when she needs to be treated like a true sex slave as he really knows the life of Dominance and submission. As much as he takes from her and fucks her roughly he does it because he knows that is what she needs to feel completely whole.

Busty Slave Fucked

Busty Slave Fucked

While there are some great rough fucking scenes on this site, true followers of the sex and submission lifestyle will see that it isn’t just about hardcore fucking – it is about mutual pleasure and satisfaction and giving up of your own desires to please another. And it certainly looks like she knows how to please him!


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Busty Sex Slave gets High Impact Whipping

sex slave

Ahh, the lovely sun and sky are sometimes the most invigorating to give a slave proper discipline. You can get them some sun, spend a nice day in the breeze, and show off your slut to anyone that decides to pass by. When the slave is exposed and they know someone could stumble on them at any time, it adds an element of humiliation that gives a sweet taste to their pain.

This blonde was expecting some nasty slave sex when I brought her out to the hill. She loved the idea of humiliation and getting caught fucking in public, but I had another idea in mind. I wanted her body marked from head to toe, so I whipped her all over her body. She really yelped when I whipped her big breasts and then over her pussy, especially when a nice breeze came up and every welt ended up sensitive to the chill. We even had a couple of passersby give her a good looking over, especially when I was whipping her wet pussy. She really got off on the public humiliation, and even when her entire body ached from the whipping she still begged to fuck me right there on the hill.

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Big Mouth Holly Suffers Brutal Punishment for Misbehaving

Brutal Slavesex

Brutal Slavesex

Holly Stevens learns the heard way that the life and even the training of a sex slave is not an easy one. When she disobeys, she is used by several sadistic slave trainers to satisfy their own brutal fantasies and desires. She has no hope of escape and these men won’t stop until she is completely beaten and broken. Her torture and humiliation are the least of her problems.

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Redheaded Slave Taught a Lesson in Pain Tolerance

redheaded slave punishment

I do so love finding creative ways to bind my slaves. The more painful the better, especially since it gives them a choice. Suffer from the whip, or suffer by giving in and dropping to the ground. You can have such fun especially when one of them thinks they are flexible, and can find a comfortable position in any position. When I get one of those slaves I just laugh, because they have no idea what I have in store.

This red-headed slut challenged me to find a position she couldn’t hold, so I gave her a choice, hold her entire body up, or smack her cute little red head on the floor. She thought she was going to get some hot slave sex in this position, but I had a better idea. I whipped her whole body red, but I made sure her hanging thigh, and that perky ass of her hers ended up welted and red. She begged me to stop, but the slut didn’t deserve my mercy, even when I made sure she ended up with a severe leg cramp. I made her admit her limits before I let her down, but she wasn’t done yet, since even then that the little slut ended up wet. I had to teach her another lesson later.

Sex Slave Xenia Receives Caning Punishment

Some little slave sluts just beg for their spanking. They get so used to flogging, and open hand, and even the paddle that they get wet just thinking about it. Sometimes I have to teach them that this isn’t about what they want, this is discipline. It does make me smile though when a new slut is put in the stocks, and she’s squirming around and all ready wet because she thinks she’s going to get her nice spanking like Xenia expected. It just makes it all the better when they realize that it’s not what they think.

I must admit Xenia was more controlled then most, when I whipped her hot cunt and tits, she tried to resist crying out. I am not a master for nothing though, when she was properly strapped down I lay her ass bare with the crop and the switch. She may have thought she was getting hot slave sex, but not before I made sure she was striped top to bottom. She begged me to stop when raised the welts all up and down her thighs, but that’s why the little slut needed to learn that discipline is not something that’s supposed to be fun for her.

My Pony Sex Slave

I don’t get many opportunities to take my pony out for a ride. So when my slut girl acted up, I thought I should take the bit out into the field to work off her ornery nature and that high energy. This blonde slave slave knew better then to act up, even when I decided she had to be naked so that I could properly abuse her cute tits and bare pussy. I had to remind her of her place, as mine to do whatever I want with her, whenever it suits my desires.

I stripped the slut down and had her towing my car around, and when she slacked off I whipped her ass until she got moving again. She may have been a sulky pony, but she is my slut, and I will teach her what happens when she gets ornery. When she started straining at the bit, I decided that enough was enough, and whipped her pussy and ass until she was high stepping enough to satisfy me. Only then was I ready for some hot slave set with my lathered up pony girl, and since her cunt was hot and wet, it appears the workout did her some good as well.

Misbehaving Slave is Reminded Who is Master

Bondage Slave

Bondage Slave

This naughty teacher has been struggling all of her life to be the good girl.  It is only when she learns about sex and submission that she finally breaks out of her shell and finds out what she was meant for.

She learns that being treated roughly by a Master with a firm hand and a true understanding of Dominance and submission cannot be compared to anything else in the world.  So she submits to his demands and to her inner slut and finds more satisfaction and pleasure than she has ever felt before.  Sex and submission allows a sex slave like her to truly release her into a world that she was meant for.

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Sex Slave gets Clamps and Lashes

Pain can be delicious, especially when pain is inflicted as it’s own reward. I do so love when a slave thinks they are just going to get some forced sex, and maybe a little humiliation, before I start to work on them. I had plans for the blonde slut, and not one of them had anything to do with her pleasure. She didn’t realize that until I had her stretched out across the bench and brought out the switch.

Oh how sweet were the screams that came from the slut’s mouth. I wasn’t going to give this slave sex as she wanted, but her skin marked so nicely under the lash that I decided to give her something else instead. I don’t think she had clothes pins before, especially not ones that trapped her wet cunt. She screamed so loudly that I had to use a set just to keep her quiet, though her whimpers were more then enough to satisfy me. I wasn’t even kind enough to use a zipper on her to get the pins off. They came off one by one, so she could savor every moment like the pain slut she was.

Humiliated in Bondage, Sex Slave is Whipped

Whipped Submissive

Whipped Submissive

A good slave of sex and submission knows her place and for this slut it is bound and at the knees of her Master giving him whatever pleasure he decides to take from her.  He only takes from her though because he knows it is what she needs to feel completely satisfied.

As a Master of Dominance and submission, he knows that she needs to feel completely used and humiliated in order to reach satisfaction.  And ultimately that is what he does – he makes sure that in their sex and submission relationship she is just as happy as he is because he knows he is responsible for her pleasure.

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Time to Break this Slut and Make her a slave


I love breaking down a slut into a proper slave. When the fear and pain gets into their eyes, and you know that they are wet and ready to serve just you from their suffering, there’s nothing better. When they have no idea what is in store for them, it’s even better, because they make the sweetest sounds when you make them break. This blonde slut did not think that she was ready to be a slave, she loved being fucked, but had no idea what it meant to serve properly, or what kind of pain that I had in store for her.

I decided that if she loved getting fucked so much, loved that pleasure in her pussy, it might be better to show her the kind of pain someone with a bit of creativity can provoke. She didn’t complain when I put the first weight on her lips, but when the sixth went on, and then the riding crop came out, all of a sudden a begging moan was on her lips. I beat her ass until she was red and crying from her pussy stretching and the riding crop, and it brought the best smile to my face when she dropped to her knees and begged to be my good little slave.

Pleasure Slave Remains Caged Until Required for Sex

Caged Slave

Caged Slave

This Master of sex and submission knows just where his sex slave belongs – behind bars. The only time she is allowed out is when he wants to be entertained.  Then, like any Master of Dominance and Submission, he makes sure that she is properly gagged so that she can concentrate on pleasing him.

No matter how roughly he takes her, how hard he fucks her face, or how hard he makes her beg, she knows it is worth it because ultimately he always has her pleasure in mind.  This sex and submission scene will blow your mind but really, you need to get into the members’ area to see the really good stuff.  So what are you waiting for?

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Slave Gets Pussy Clamped for Discipline


Sometimes a little slave ends up with a master that is not pleased with how well used they were in the past. These sluts don’t do their exercises, or think that all they need to do is be a hole for their owners to fuck whenever they wish. We teach these slaves that even being a fuck slave requires their effort. When their pussy is used for their master’s pleasure, it is as important to focus on that as much as they focus on their appearance.

This little slut thought that all she needed was to lie there for her master to get off on hot slave sex. Her master thought otherwise and brought her to us to teach her that her pussy needs to be the focus of her service as well as his. The first clamps brought whimpers of pain, but the full set on her pussy lips stretched her wide open and made certain she focused entirely on the pain running through her cunt. When she was tretched and open for us, she understood exactly how much her cunt should be her focus, as well as his, and when those clips came off she rewarded our efforts by being wet and ready for her master’s attentions.

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Sex Slave Serves Dinner, Gets Fisted and Rough Sex

Fisted sex slave

Fisted sex slave

When it comes to pleasing her Master this beautiful young girl knows what he likes and sex and submission is the life that they like.  When she serves him his evening meal it is never just a meal.  He always likes to start off the evening with some rough sex around the dinner table.

Dominance and submission scenes are always fun to watch if you like rough and hard sex.  A true Master knows just how to push his sex slave to her limits.  Sex and submission is what this site is about and this couple is just an example of the hot and rough sex scenes you’ll find inside the members’ area!

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Slave Sex Holiday Season

slavesex xmas
All our Mistress wants for Christmas is a couple of little elves from Santa tied up under the tree. Lucky her, Santa must have decided that she was a very nice and good Mistress, because that’s exactly what she found! She must have been an exceptionally good girl, because she also found all sorts of new toys that went with the lesbian elves wrapped up for her. She found them ready to show off their cute tits and slutty cunts, because they were very naughty elves indeed. I guess Santa has to do something with the naughty elves that get in trouble at the North Pole, and he sent them down for Mistress to correct them.

This particular pair of elves must have been very naughty, they were all ready to help our Mistress with the correction, and the more they were punished, they more wet, and the sluttier they got. They practically begged to lick each other’s wet pussy, and then satisfy their Mistress in any way possible to prove what good elves they are. These two elves were all too willing to engage in any manner of nasty slave sex for their new Mistress. They used fingers, tongues, toys, and every part of their eager young bodies to prove that the best way to enjoy the holiday is with the naughtiest of elves!

Sex Slave Undergoes Painful Breast Bondage

Breast Bondage

Breast Bondage

Only a woman who truly understands and loves her slut characteristics is truly able to submit to a dominance and submission relationship like this one.  This girl knows exactly what her place is – on her knees and pleasing her Master.  Her Master is very familiar with Dominance and submission and knows how to tie her breasts to make her uncomfortable and knows just how to treat her like a sex whore.

Being a sex slave is a pleasing factor for both of these two and watching them as they play their rough sex games will be even more pleasing for you.

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Blonde Slave Cries For Mercy But Gets None

slave sex

When a slave gets out of hand, sometimes they need to get sent to the experts in punishment, humiliation and discipline. They often only respond to the most intense sessions as a way to get the smartass beat right out of them. This blonde slave thought she wasn’t going to get punished when she got mouthy with her master, so she needed an especially strong lesson in respect. She thought there was no way she would dare get disciplined by anyone but her master, right up until we strung her up on the cross

She changed her tune when she realized she wasn’t going to get out of it, this slave begged and pleaded right up until the first blow impacted her ass. Then all we heard is the screaming and crying of a slave that finally realizes what it means when she doesn’t behave. Despite her objections and the protests between blows, she still started getting wet as we humiliated, beat and showed her levels of pain she never experienced before. This slutty little slave was quite ready for some hot slave sex before we were done with her, and she finally understood that a slave doesn’t get to disrespect her master without suffering the consequences.

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Strangled and Lashed Brutally

Some of the most intense pain sluts out there are constantly looking for new ways that they can take a beating. They want the extreme forms of torture, capture, and humiliation that you will ever see, so when we find these slaves we are happy to push their paces and know just what extremes they can go. We have our dungeon especially set up to test the most pain-loving slave sluts so that they find that even they cannot take all levels of pain.

This girl was interested in the slave sex experience, but we were more interested in seeing just how red we could get her, and how loud we get her to scream in pain. We taught her that you had better beware what you tell us, because when you start using the words ‘no limits’ we will take a slave at her word. We had her stripped down and strung up barely before she was done and agreed to our terms. Her screams filled the dungeons, but she stood up to our blows, because she knew exactly what could happen if she let her knees buckle, that rope around her neck would take this slut’s ‘no limits’ and take her right to that edge.

See how far we can go when no limits are applied. CLICK HERE

Blonde Submissive Gets Shown Who’s Boss

Blonde Submissive

Blonde Submissive

Being the Master in a sex and submission relationship is never easy – there are so many things to know, like how to tie the ropes so that you can maneuver your slave  into any position you want her in.

In this Dominance and submission pair, the Master obviously knows a thing or two about rope tying as he is able to move her around so that he can ultimately have access to any hole that he wants.  His sex and submission slave loves it though – pleasing him is her only purpose and when he rewards her with his orgasm she knows she has done her job.

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Sadistic Master Trains Slave To Serve Sexual Favors


One slave is being taught how to lick a pussy the way her Master likes to see, while the other naughty slave is bound spread eagle and wont be allowed to come unless and until the Master decides she deserves it.

Watching this training session which at various points has both these slaves in bondage and one in suspension was more than worth the time it took to track it down for this blog. Amazing action from the horny brunette slave who proves the being a sex slave is a true life’s calling.

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Brutal Punishments for Sex Slave Misbehavior Part II

Breast Torture

Breast Torture

He brutally grabs her breast as he chains her arms to the high wall rings causing her to stand on tip toe to relieve the weight on her arms. He fiddles with the recent nipple piercings, causing new heights of pain from the not quite fully healed ornaments. She whimpers but grows silent at the look on his face.

He is her Master and she belongs to him completely in all ways. He pulls out the needles and the candles, but rather than pour the hot burning wax onto her skin, he merely uses the flame to heat the needle tips before piercing her in several places across both breasts. “You will NOT speak out again” he demands. She averts her eyes as she agrees with a docile nod and a quiet “Yes Master”. He watches her intently for a moment and then responds “good slave” before returning to his torture.

See this cruel Master punish his slave

MMF Submissive Sex with Slave Girl, Master, and Friend

MMF Submissive sex

MMF Submissive sex

This sexy blonde sex slave always knew that she was meant for the life she leads.  Her Master taught her to be happy with who she was and to let herself give in to a life of Dominance and submission.  When she did, she got everything she ever wanted and needed – lots of rough sex and the true whore treatment she desired.

Sometimes her Master even brings over a friend to give her a true fucking so she can prove her sluttiness.

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True Service Begins on your Knees.

Double Fisted Slave Sex

Double Fisted Slave Sex

This is a school of sorts. It’s a place where Masters and even a few Mistresses train their slaves on a grand scale to service every aspect of their upcoming lives of total sexual and lifestyle servitude. Here these soon to be sex slaves learn that true servitude begins on ones knees and that once the decision to be a slave is made, all choice is lost from that point forward.  Slaves don’t get to choose which orders to follow. They must do what they’re told every time or suffer the consequences.

Take this slave, who is being double fisted in the midst of several other obedient slaves being rewarded for their service and some being punished as well.

Whether you prefer seeing these slaves rewarded for good behaviour, or punished and humiliated for disobedience, this is the place to see. These slaves get both, sometimes on the same day!

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Sex Slave Tortured in Bondage and Humiliation

Sex Slave Gives Blowjob

Sex Slave Gives Blowjob

When it comes to sex and submission this couple knows what they are doing.  Even though he is very rough with her, hanging her upside down, tying her up, and fucking her ass on a hard table, she knows that he knows what is best for her.  After all, by the time that he is done with training her to please him she does have a pretty huge smile on her face!

Sex and submission is their lifestyle and they do it up right.  Dominance and submission is what their lifestyle is all about and when you see these two and their rough sex games you might get some ideas for yourself.

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Brutal Punishments for Sex Slave Misbehavior

Women Breast Bondage

Women Breast Bondage

He towers over her coldly. The whip gripped lovingly in his hand as he gently tickles the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. She’s chained to the wall this time. The cold iron shackles holding her wrists and ankles are wide apart, exposing the most sensitive parts of her naked body to his cruel gaze. She raises her eyes to look at his leather clad physique in adoration, risking his wrath.

Sex Slave Bondage

Sex Slave Bondage

Sure enough, he notices her indiscretion and raises the whip for a punishing blow. Two…Three…Four…Five. Five new red welts begin spreading across her back and inner thighs. Lowering her eyes guiltily she mumbles the words she knows she must. “Sorry Master”.

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Two Young Gymnasts Get Detained by Evil Couple, then Tortured

Caged Slave

Caged Slave

Two young gymnasts are caged during downtime. When required, these two brand new sex slaves are forced into bondage. They get bound to the floor face down, where they are tortured and humiliated not just by the brutal couple that took them, but also by vicious machines created for the sole purpose of forcing incredibly huge metal plungers deeper and deeper into sweet young pussy.

These slave girls best get wet fast, because these vicious instruments wont take their time and wait for lube. These brutal fuck instruments barrel in and out, over and over, until their master makes them stop.

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The Ultimate Dominance and Submission

Ultimate Dominance and Submission

Ultimate Dominance and Submission

The ultimate in Dominance and submission is when you force your sex slave to watch you fuck another girl while she is tied up and helpless.  It reminds her of her proper position – and it is fun as hell!  This poor slave girl is bound and tied up as she is forced to watch her Master enjoying the pleasure of another woman and you know all she can think about is the pleasure of the sting of his hand against her skin.  Sex and submission is an art that few appreciate and even fewer understand but you know from watching this scene that these three do. Sex and submission is all about the pleasure that comes with the pain.

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